Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Alexandrite Available Siberian Kittens

UPDATE 10th February 2016: Thank you for all the emails and calls. Andy was home late last night and I wasn't very well so we haven't had chance to go through anything yet. Thank you for bearing with us, Jo & Andy

Finally we have some photos of our available Siberian kittens. We've just done group shots for families to register an interest in a particular kitten or kittens. This can be done via email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk and 01270569358 for calls. It's best to call in an evening, preferably no later than 9pm. If you do call in the day please leave a message and we will come back to you.

We know we only have a few Siberian kittens available and kittens will only be reserved on receipt of a deposit.

The kittens have had first vaccination and vet check. They will go for another around 12 weeks and microchipped. Therefore kittens should be ready for new homes first two weekends in March.

We do not know if the kittens are suitable for allergy sufferers as everyone can react differently and it depends on the severity of the allergy or asthma.

Please note we will not be able to offer kitten visits this weekend due to a procedure I'm having done on Friday and last time I wasn't very well after it. Andy will be looking after me during this time but he should be ok for any calls.

Anuta's Kittens

First up we have Anuta's babies. Anuta had 4 babies and they are are a super bunch, all very sweet. There are 3 boys and 1 girl. We have a Brown Tabby boy and girl, and two Silver Tabby boys we have nicknamed the Twins. We've picked pet names at the moment for all kittens.

From left to right: Zeke, Brown Spotted Tabby male, with small white tail tip. Probably was initially a bit quieter than his brothers and wasn't keen on the vets but he's coming out of his shell now. A bit of a mummy's boy. Anuta does dote on them.

Pollux, aka Po, paler Black Silver Spotted Tabby male. It's very hard to tell him apart from his brother and they are both very playful.

Pixie, Brown Spotted Tabby female. Well the name says it all, a very sweet girl who gets up to all sorts of mischief and encourages her brothers too we are sure of it. Loves a cuddle.

Castor, aka Cas, darker Black Silver Spotted Tabby male. Just like his brother and both should be good sized boys when older.

Added this one in to show how much time and patience Andy has when taking photos, dealing with kittens just wanting to chase anything that moves. I don't know how he does it but he takes fabulous photos every time.


Lorelei Kittens

Next we have Lorelei's kittens. Lorelei had 3 girls. A Brown and White Tabby, a Blue and White and a Black Silver Classic and White. They are again a super bunch and very playful.

From left to right: Lightning, Black Silver Classic Tabby and White. A very sweet girl who plays all the time.

Storm, Blue and White. Probably the quietest of the three but soon catches up with her sisters.

Zoom, Brown Spotted Tabby and White. In the beginning the most adventurous out of the kitten box and the fastest! Loves to play and be cuddled like her sisters but tells you when she wants to play. Loves helping to sweep up!

Left to right: Lightning, Zoom and Storm.
Left, Lightning and Storm.

Email: kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk for more details or to register an interest in a kitten.

Call: 01270569358, if we are unavailable please leave a message. Thanks Jo & Andy


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Alexandrite Siberian Kittens 2016

UPDATE: Unfortunately Jo has been poorly since Christmas and after feeling a bit better is now not very well again. We do have kittens and will update the blog soon with photos and availability. And try and get back to everyone. I've in a busy time of year with my work so time is very limited as Jo wrote in her blog post last week. Thanks Andy


FROM JO: A belated New Year to all Siberians and their families. Thank you to everyone who sent us wonderful kitten news and updates it was lovely receiving them and we really do appreciate them. We are sorry we haven't replied to emails lately, I lost my Uncle at the end of the year and he is greatly missed by all who knew him. He was large part of my life as a child and he had a wonderful way of telling stories. After the loss of my grandad in the summer it has hit us all hard to have another funeral to go to at the end of 2015. This made December a difficult time for my health and it's a busy time for Andy with his job. I was then poorly over Christmas and the New Year so I couldn't catch up then.

We've also had to get new home phones as the others were working intermittently.

Kitten News: The good news is we do have kittens and we will be posting updates soon. The kittens will be ready to go in March, dates to be confirmed. We do not know if kittens are suitable for families with allergies and at this time we cannot offer allergy visits. Any kitten visits won't be arranged until the kittens have had their first vaccine at least.

Waiting List: We are being asked do we have a waiting list? At the moment no. We have in the past but we don't now this is because of many reasons. One is we do not think it fair to make families wait months for a kitten. We do not know what we will have, any colours are only estimated based on parents and colours carried. To take a list of names who all want silver tabby boys usually results in a litter of blues or black smoke girls and a number of disappointed families. We would rather wait until the kittens have arrived safely and mum and babies are ok before we update with any news.

There are scare tactics by other breeders that we have something wrong because we don't have a waiting list. That isn't true. It's less stress for us to just enjoy the kittens arriving and seeing what colours we have without needing this colour or boy/girl list of requirements. We are after all dealing with Mother Nature and we get what we get.

Hopefully we will have more news soon but please remember this isn't our full time job, and taking care of the kittens and mums is our first priority so sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. Anyone who knows us will also know I struggle daily with my health so I can't always respond immediately.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Gem & Phoenix

UPDATE: Gem and Phoenix have now gone to lovely new home together and are being spoilt. We've had some fabulous photos of them settling in their new home. Lots of thanks to their new family xx

Updated November 18th 2015

We have two beautiful Siberians looking for their retirement home together. Gem and Phoenix are sweethearts and have been together since they were kittens. They are now both 7 years old and are ready for their retirement home and next adventure.

Gem is a gorgeous Seal Torbie Lynx Point and Phoenix is a handsome Golden Classic Tabby and White. They have been vet checked, neutered, microchipped and boosters done. Both are very sweet and loving. Gem is the most chatty and Phoenix loves giving you head butts, he is a gentle boy. This is where Akiro gets it from. They are the proud parents of Akiro, our handsome Show Star and first UK bred Siberian to achieve his TICA Lifetime Achievement Award.

We are not sure if they are suitable for allergy sufferers, if your allergy affects your breathing then probably not. Plus it would be hard on Gem and Phoenix to settle to then have to be return so please bear this in mind when contacting us. Please contact us at 01270569358, evenings or weekends; or email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk for more information or to visit.

This is Phoenix

This is Gem


Monday, 14 September 2015

Available Kittens

UPDATE 25th September: All kittens now Reserved.

We have two beautiful kittens available. They are both sweet and friendly. They have had both vaccinations and vet checks and are ready to start new adventures. There is a Seal Lynx Tabby Point girl and Cream Lynx Tabby Point boy. Please email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk or call 01270569358 for more details.

RESERVED: Cream Lynx Tabby Point Boy - a gentle giant like dad Paavo and he loves to play.

RESERVED: Seal Lynx Tabby Point Girl - a pretty girl like her mum Marlow and enjoys playing when her brothers let her!



Saturday, 22 August 2015

Last Kittens of 2015 Available

Where has the year gone! We have our last kittens of 2015 who will be ready to go to new homes middle to end of September. There's a lovely mixture of colours. We have a Silver and White girl, Brown and White boy and Cream Lynx Tabby Point boy. Catalena and Marlow have done fantastic jobs as mums. All kittens are playful and adorable just like them.

Photos below of available kittens.

Please email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk for details. Or call 01270569358 in an evening or at weekends.

We do not know if these kittens are suitable for allergy sufferers and at the moment we are so busy at weekends we can't offer allergy visits.

One of the Cream Lynx Tabby Point boys has been reserved. The boys are like peas in a pod!

Available - Cream Lynx Tabby Point boy

Available - Brown Tabby and White boy, with a cute white tail tip. He's very sweet.

Available - Silver and White Tabby girl, a bit quieter than her sisters but very cute.

RESERVED - Golden Tabby girl, she's very playful and always causing mischief!

RESERVED - Blue Tabby girl, another sweetie so like mum Catalena and playful.

RESERVED - Brown Tabby girl, with super Lynx tips and biggest girl.

Last updated 29th August 2015


Monday, 6 July 2015

Thank You and Available Kittens

Thank you to everyone who sent us condolences last week. My grandad will be missed by all his family and friends. He was a very kind loving grandad, dad and great grandad. He's been a big part of so many of our lives and we were all lucky to have had him with us for so long.

It's been very hard and I'm not sure it's all truly sinking in yet so at the moment I'm only going to write a short post and post photos of kittens available. If you would like any further information Andy is helping out with calls but he's only available in an evening and at weekend, 01270569358.


There's Tux, Black and White. RESERVED

DM, Cream Lynx Tabby Point. RESERVED

Penfold, Cream Spotted Tabby. RESERVED

Kanga, Brown and White Tabby. RESERVED

They are all lovely lads with fun personalities and are looking forward to their next adventure. The boys will be ready to go to new homes 18th July onwards.

At this time we are not arranging allergy visits but will see at the end of July.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Email Replies - Personal Time Needed

There will be a delayed response to emails as Jo's Grandad passed away yesterday and needs some time.

Thank you Andy