Saturday, 19 April 2014

Siberian Adult Available - Alexandrite Anyanka

Andy took these photos yesterday of our beautiful Anyanka a 7 year old Siberian, who has one of the most loving characters. Our friends Mim and Simon came over yesterday and Anyanka aka Jenks took full advantage of some extra knees for the day. She loved all the extra fussing and at one point was well literally glued to Simon's knee! It was so cute.

If you think you have enough love in your life to share some of it with Jenks, please email or call 01270569358.

Please only email to meet Anyanka if you are serious about an older cat. Jenks does have access to a safe enclosed outdoor space which she loves but she would be happy as an indoor only cat too. Jenks is up to date with her vaccine and flea/worm control. Jenks would be ok with a family with children but please remember and this goes for kittens too cats are not toys and they will only interact with you if they feel safe and loved.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter & Kitten Update

Andy and I and our furry family wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and share some lovely photos of Catalena and her baby girls.

We also wanted to update the blog with where we are with kittens and the Waiting List. Both Catalena's and Pantera's kittens have now all been reserved. We are waiting for our next litters to arrive and we will take a maximum of 4 families for the Waiting List. If you would like to reserve one of our kittens we do recommend joining the Waiting List as we have had to let families down this time who wanted one of Catalena's and Pantera's sweet kittens. Please remember if you do want to join the Waiting List and have specific preferences we cannot guarantee colour and gender. We always tell the girls the requests but they usually don't listen to us and sometimes we end up with the complete opposite!

It is a non-refundable deposit of £50 to join the Waiting List. When the kittens are born and once old enough for proper photos at around 4-6 weeks of age I work through the list in a chronological date order. I will then update the blog with any kittens still available. We cannot at this time accept families to the Waiting List who need to check allergies or who have had an allergy test at another breeders.

This year we will be retiring some of our lovely girls. This is really hard for us to do but it is better for them. We are also looking for a home for Alexandrite Raphael, he is 18 months old and a handsome Black Silver Classic and White. We still have available gorgeous Alexandrite Anyanka. Anyanka is very loveable and purrs continuously. She is 7 years old but you wouldn't know it to see her. For Jenks and our sake please only arrange to see Jenks if your are serious about an older Siberian. Please do not ask to visit any of adults if it is really a kitten you wanted. Please email for more information about our available adults or to join the Waiting List.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kitten News

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted and Andy has been really busy looking after us all and running his own business. Thank you to everyone for the get well wishes. It's been very much appreciated and I'm sorry if I haven't responded to any emails.

We can announce Pantera's kittens have arrived safely and mum and babies are doing well. We have a mixture of blues and silvers with and without white as predicted. I will confirm details when first photos are taken in a couple of weeks if not sooner.

The photo is of Catalena and Mishkin's little ones. All girls are so adorable but incredibly adventurous! We keep forgetting how old they are and at only 4 weeks they are adventuring out onto the landing and getting in places no other litters have tried.

We have from left to right a Blue Silver Tabby and White girl, Blue Tabby and White girl and a Black Silver Tabby and White girl. A lovely mix of colours. This is Catalena's first litter and she is being a fabulous mum. The photo was taken at 3 weeks. The kittens eyes are blue at this stage but they will start to change soon and will be nice and green as adults. I'm hoping Andy will get chance to take some more photos this week as the girls look even sweeter now.

Both litters will first be made available to the families who have paid a deposit and are on the Waiting List. Any kittens under assessment might become available at a later stage or if they don't match preferences on the Waiting List.

We also hope to have another litter end of April or early May.

We cannot take deposits for kittens from allergy sufferers who have not tested their allergy with a kitten from one of the litters. We think it is unfair and not right to take money from families who have not checked how they will react. We also will not accept deposits from families who have checked their allergy at another breeders. It is with our kittens only. Nothing is scientifically proven regarding the hypo-allergenic nature of Siberians and we feel it is unfair and really doesn't sit right with Andy or I to build false hope or take money. We have had successes as well as failures homing kittens with allergy sufferers. Please see our FAQ's on the blog for more information.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kitten Update

All of Marishka's kittens have now been reserved and we hope to have more news on our next arrivals soon. They will be our first litter of 2014 and who will they be from?! Exciting!!

If you have emailed or called Jo recently she will be in touch soon. She has a long term chronic pain condition and is currently having a particularly bad flare up.
Thank you for understanding, Andy

Monday, 17 February 2014

Website Issues & Kitten Update

Website Issues
We are having issues with our Alexandrite website and email. We are trying to find out what's going on. Therefore if you have emailed today please email
Thank you!

UPDATE. looks like our website and emails issue has been resolved but if you have any issues please use the email above. Thanks. 

Available Kitten - Update Millie has gone to new home
Due to a change of circumstances we now have available Alexandrite Millie. Millie is a big character full of her mums Marishka's mischief!
She loves to play and is a Brown Spotted Tabby and White. Millie is working on growing into her ears and we think they make her look cute!
Millie will usually be last for supper as she just wants to play and play. Millie will be ready to go to her new home first weekend in March after her second vaccination. I will be contacting the families on the waiting list first but if you would like to express an interest in giving Millie a loving home please email for more details.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More Show BESTS from our Boys!!

We went to the CatTica TICA Show at the weekend and yet again the boys had a fabulous result with 8 finals each including a number of BESTS!!

The finals were just amazing and Andy made me very proud too with his presentation of the boys and numerous Ring Finals speeches. All three of my boys were true Stars of the show and I'm so proud of them all. Way to go boys!!

This was only Kimball's second show and if my calculations are right he should have achieved the Title Triple Grand Champion. An amazing result for a young boy of only 10 months old. Many of the Judges couldn't believe the build of him and we had such great feedback and comments of how they had to check the catalogue again for his age! 

We've achieved so much over the years with Akiro and it's lovely to see his nephew Kimball doing so well at such a young age. Alexandrite Kimball has been born from years of research and hard work. He has a very premium pedigree and none of this could have been done without the hard work of the breeders who have contributed to his pedigree. A special mention goes to Maria whose beautiful Musrafy girls have shared our home over the years and for helping us find Cimus. It's been a long and sometimes very hard journey but to see our boys final BEST is such an amazing feeling of achievement for both Andy and I. Akiro and Kimball you make us so very proud xx

Sorry for the poor photos but I just wanted to show off my fabulous boys! And their new pen adorned with all their Rosettes! 

Also a Big Thank You to my mum for all her help at the show, another Star! And thank you to the Judges for picking our boys. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Reserved Kitten - Brown Tabby & White Girl

We have a gorgeous sweet girl available, she loves to play with the feather stick just like her mum does. Her parents are the beautiful Musrafy Marishka and handsome Champion Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka.

The photos are at 6 and half weeks old and she will be ready to go to her new home beginning of March. Please email for more information.