Monday, 2 February 2015

Alexandrite Kitten News

UPDATE - Little Bluebell has now been reserved and gone to her new home, 6th February. 

We only have available one kitten left, a beautiful Blue Classic and White Girl called Little Bluebell (her pet name). Little Bluebell is very sweet just like her mum and has had to contend with only boisterous brothers for siblings but she takes it all in her stride. She loves to play and enjoys a cuddle too. Little Bluebell is the last of our kittens for awhile and we are making plans for our next kittens but these won't be ready to go now until the beginning of summer. The blog will be updated once we have more news. 

Little Bluebell will be ready to go to her new home middle of February. You couldn't ask for a more perfect Valentines gift!

Photo of Little Bluebell taken by Andy yesterday, there are more photos of her on the Available Kittens page here on the blog.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! 

We were busy with all the usual family events at Christmas as well as organising kitten collections. Jomo's kittens have gone off to their new homes and are settling in. 

It's still very busy here and we decided to take a few days off emails so if you haven't heard back from us we will be catching up next week. There are a lot of emails to get through but we will get back to everyone it just might take a few days. 

We had quite a close call with arranging kitten collections recently as a result we will be introducing a Kitten Visit Information sheet. Please can we point out what might seem as something small to you, visiting a breeder's home with an infectious disease could have devastating repercussions for the breeder and their family of cats and kittens. We don't want full medical histories that's unreasonable and totally not what we are asking for but it is very important to make us aware of any conditions your existing pet is being treated for and there are some conditions which can be passed from humans to pets. The consequences for anyone breeding cats could be not only extremely costly but heartbreaking. We sometimes have younger kittens which aren't available for kitten visits but because all our kittens are raised indoor and socialised daily they are at risk to anything being brought into the our home. We also have an elderly Birman Fudge who is 15 this year and again he is at risk. On a personal note I had a thyroidectomy in 2006 as a result if there's a bug, cold, virus or stomach upset going around I pick it up and with another blood clotting issue I have I cannot take many medications so please for my sake and health if you are not well please rearrange any visits. 

Enough doom and gloom and to show off our beautiful kittens who will be ready to go mid February, here's a photo of Anuta's and Hendrix cheeky bunch of cute kittens. We didn't think Anuta had warmed to Hendrix when she visited him but clearly his charms had won out and to our surprise Anuta was pregnant. Anuta is a super mum and her kittens are very cute. There are 3 girls and 1 boy all Classic patterns like their parents. 

From left to right Silver (high tarnish) girl, Silver (high tarnish) girl, Blue boy and Brown girl. The two silver girls are under assessment at the moment and maybe available at a later stage. The blue boy and brown girl, who is very like Pippin so is called Pipsqueak are available first. We will have details of Prisca's kittens soon who are also ready to go end of February. Then a much needed rest for Andy and I!

Monday, 8 December 2014


Contrary to any gossip that is going around we have not yet stopped breeding Siberians. Another breeder who we have no contact with whatsoever is spreading a rumour that we have already stopped breeding Siberians. This is not true!

We are due to my health finding homes for some of our retired girls and next year boys but for the time being we do still have kittens and will have kittens available early to mid January and then in February. We will decide in the new year what our plans will then be for any further Siberian kittens. Please contact us on for information about our kittens and do not listen to what other breeders have to say on the matter. Thank you

And for cute factor, here's some of our current gorgeous Siberian kittens...

KITTEN AVAILABILITY. Only one girl left in Jomos litter a Blue Silver Tabby, Little Jo. She is beautiful just like her mum Jomo and has her chunkiness. Little Jo will be ready to go weekend 27-28th December. We are not sure if she is suitable for allergy sufferers. Please email or call in the evening 01270569358.

Update: Little Jo has now been reserved. 15th December 2014

Please contact us also for kitten availability in Lorelei litter, who will be ready to go mid January. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Future....

Due to my ongoing health issues and following the advice of our doctor we will be reducing and potentially stopping breeding our beautiful Siberians in the next few months. With this in mind we have a number of girls looking for retirement homes. We have created a list and Andy is organising photos. Please email us if you would like more details of the girls we have available.

Current and Future Kittens

We do have 3 lovely girls looking for homes called Lily, Angie and Zari. The girls have had vet checks and vaccinations. All three are lovely sweet girls. There are photos of the girls on the Available Kittens page here on the blog. 

UPDATE 17-11-2014 - Lily has now gone to her new home with Mojo. They really did make a beautiful pair of Brown Classics. Both Angie and Zari are off for new adventures next weekend. They are going together which is lovely for them. 

Our last kittens of 2014 will be ready to go around Christmas time and all are super kittens, with friendly temperaments. We will then have kittens to go early Spring 2015 after that we do not know at this time and we will probably make a decision in the next couple months where we go next. Please email if you would like to register an interest in our last kittens of 2014 or if you would like to meet Lily, Angie or Zari.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Alexandrite Kittens go Global!

WOW! Well we couldn't believe this photo when we saw it but yes that's our Alexandrite kittens on a home decor cushion in Holland!! 

Thank you to Maria for seeing it and tagging us on Facebook so I could share it on our blog. 

The photo was taken by Krissi Lundgren in 2007 and was of Willows and Cimus litter. 

Here is the cushion in the shop

Alexandrite Kiitens on cushion

And some more images after I found it on the shop website 

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

The cushion in close up!

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

And they've even added our gorgeous Alexandrite kittens to another cushion

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

This is so amazingly awesome. The best news to finish up a Saturday!

Thank you again to Maria you are a true friend.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Siberian Kitten Update

We have available beautiful Alexandrite Lily who is a Brown Classic Tabby and White. Lily is ready to go now and is looking for a family to share some new adventures with. Her sister has gone to her new home. Lily loves playing and we think she is missing having her sister to play with. Lily is just 4 months old and we were tempted to keep her but with me still recovering from my operation and general poor health we think it would be best for Lily to go to a pet home where she can have lots of fun. If you think you would like to arrange to meet Lily please email

We do not know if Lily will be suitable for anyone with allergies or asthma. If you do have any medical conditions which could be affected by owning a cat then we strongly recommend taking the advice of your doctor. Not everything that is on the internet about Siberians and allergies is proven scientific fact please see our FAQs for more information on allergies. The trauma of a kitten or adult going to a new home and then being returned due to a bad allergy or asthma attack is very upsetting for all parties involved.  

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Alexandrite Siberians - More Awards!

With so much going on here we missed posting how AWESOME our boys are!!

A few weeks ago we received some post from TICA and inside were these two certificates. 

Alexandrite Akiro Award 2014

This is Alexandrite Akiro's Award for the show season, and we are so proud of him. He's already received BEST SIBERIAN Alter 3 years ago and this year he only went to a few shows so this just shows how amazing he is. 

He was also 8th Best Alter in the Region and another Regional Win to add to his previous Regional Win when he was BEST Siberian and last year his International Win of 14th BEST Alter in the World and BEST ALTER in the Region. Phew! That's a lot of Awards! 

This means INTERNATIONAL WINNER, and Twice REGIONAL WINNER Awards all adds up to 


IW, RW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro is the FIRST UK BRED SIBERIAN to qualify for this AWARD and we are so proud we could burst! 

Alexandrite Akiro has achieved some amazing Awards over the years and he's done this without going to every show or going overseas! He really is just the BEST SIBERIAN you could wish or hope to breed and everyone who meets him loves his laid back attitude to life. We have sent off his photo for the TICA Yearbook again and can't wait for his next Award to arrive. Jo is hoping to get everything together when she's well enough. 

We still remember that cute little kitten of 4 weeks old with his breathtaking blue eyes and cheeky character, always wanting cuddles in exchange for purrs and head butts. We knew he was AWESOME and he proved to the World he was AWESOME too!

Alexandrite Kimball Award 2014

We also recovered an Award for Alexandrite Kimball of BEST Seal Lynx Tabby Point Siberian of the Year

This goes with his Regional Win too. A fantastic achievement for a boy who was first shown last December at only 10 months old! 

We also received news another of our boys was fabulous too Alexandrite Kingslayer, affectionately known as Jamie or the Jamster was BEST SIBERIAN KITTEN in the Region. This reminds us of those many years ago when Kimball's Great Grandfather QGC Alexandrite Angelus Mishka was BEST SIBERIAN KITTEN in 2006/2007

Yes! We really have been showing successfully for that long! 

It is just more proof that Alexandrite Siberians are TOTALLY AMAZING!

Blog post by two very, very proud parents, Jo & Andy