Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Gem & Phoenix

UPDATE: Gem and Phoenix have now gone to lovely new home together and are being spoilt. We've had some fabulous photos of them settling in their new home. Lots of thanks to their new family xx

Updated November 18th 2015

We have two beautiful Siberians looking for their retirement home together. Gem and Phoenix are sweethearts and have been together since they were kittens. They are now both 7 years old and are ready for their retirement home and next adventure.

Gem is a gorgeous Seal Torbie Lynx Point and Phoenix is a handsome Golden Classic Tabby and White. They have been vet checked, neutered, microchipped and boosters done. Both are very sweet and loving. Gem is the most chatty and Phoenix loves giving you head butts, he is a gentle boy. This is where Akiro gets it from. They are the proud parents of Akiro, our handsome Show Star and first UK bred Siberian to achieve his TICA Lifetime Achievement Award.

We are not sure if they are suitable for allergy sufferers, if your allergy affects your breathing then probably not. Plus it would be hard on Gem and Phoenix to settle to then have to be return so please bear this in mind when contacting us. Please contact us at 01270569358, evenings or weekends; or email for more information or to visit.

This is Phoenix

This is Gem


Monday, 14 September 2015

Available Kittens

UPDATE 25th September: All kittens now Reserved.

We have two beautiful kittens available. They are both sweet and friendly. They have had both vaccinations and vet checks and are ready to start new adventures. There is a Seal Lynx Tabby Point girl and Cream Lynx Tabby Point boy. Please email or call 01270569358 for more details.

RESERVED: Cream Lynx Tabby Point Boy - a gentle giant like dad Paavo and he loves to play.

RESERVED: Seal Lynx Tabby Point Girl - a pretty girl like her mum Marlow and enjoys playing when her brothers let her!



Saturday, 22 August 2015

Last Kittens of 2015 Available

Where has the year gone! We have our last kittens of 2015 who will be ready to go to new homes middle to end of September. There's a lovely mixture of colours. We have a Silver and White girl, Brown and White boy and Cream Lynx Tabby Point boy. Catalena and Marlow have done fantastic jobs as mums. All kittens are playful and adorable just like them.

Photos below of available kittens.

Please email for details. Or call 01270569358 in an evening or at weekends.

We do not know if these kittens are suitable for allergy sufferers and at the moment we are so busy at weekends we can't offer allergy visits.

One of the Cream Lynx Tabby Point boys has been reserved. The boys are like peas in a pod!

Available - Cream Lynx Tabby Point boy

Available - Brown Tabby and White boy, with a cute white tail tip. He's very sweet.

Available - Silver and White Tabby girl, a bit quieter than her sisters but very cute.

RESERVED - Golden Tabby girl, she's very playful and always causing mischief!

RESERVED - Blue Tabby girl, another sweetie so like mum Catalena and playful.

RESERVED - Brown Tabby girl, with super Lynx tips and biggest girl.

Last updated 29th August 2015


Monday, 6 July 2015

Thank You and Available Kittens

Thank you to everyone who sent us condolences last week. My grandad will be missed by all his family and friends. He was a very kind loving grandad, dad and great grandad. He's been a big part of so many of our lives and we were all lucky to have had him with us for so long.

It's been very hard and I'm not sure it's all truly sinking in yet so at the moment I'm only going to write a short post and post photos of kittens available. If you would like any further information Andy is helping out with calls but he's only available in an evening and at weekend, 01270569358.


There's Tux, Black and White. RESERVED

DM, Cream Lynx Tabby Point. RESERVED

Penfold, Cream Spotted Tabby. RESERVED

Kanga, Brown and White Tabby. RESERVED

They are all lovely lads with fun personalities and are looking forward to their next adventure. The boys will be ready to go to new homes 18th July onwards.

At this time we are not arranging allergy visits but will see at the end of July.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Email Replies - Personal Time Needed

There will be a delayed response to emails as Jo's Grandad passed away yesterday and needs some time.

Thank you Andy

Monday, 15 June 2015

Email Issues

Sorry but it looks like we have email issues so at the moment we cannot reply to the emails from over the weekend in response to the Enquiry List email we sent out last week. The domain hosting company has been contacted so we wait now for a reply.


Saturday, 9 May 2015

2015 Siberian Kittens and Adults

A short update we are happy to announce the arrival of our first kittens of 2015. Both mums and babies are doing great. Gem had 4 boys, colours are 1 Cream, 2 Brown and White Tabbies and a Red/Cream Lynx Point (colour point). Cataleya had 3 girls and 2 boys. The colours are a Silver Shaded girl, 2 Black Smoke girls (1 with White) and a Black and White Boy, and a Silver Tabby Boy. We don't have photos at the moment but hope to have them in a couple of weeks. The blog will be updated with any available kittens.

The kittens won't be ready to go to new homes until middle to end of July. We are not able to offer allergy visits at this time. 

Retired Adults

Pantera has now found her retirement home and is settling in well, enchanting everyone she meets. We are very happy for her but miss her head bumps and distinctive meow. 

We will have more Siberian adults this year as we retire some of our older girls and boys. Please keep checking the blog for updates.