Tuesday 9 February 2016

Alexandrite Siberian Kittens

UPDATE 14 February 2016: Thank you for all the emails and get well wishes for Jo. All kittens have now been reserved. We plan to have more kittens in the summer, thanks Jo and Andy
Finally we have some photos of our available Siberian kittens. We've just done group shots for families to register an interest in a particular kitten or kittens. This can be done via email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk and 01270569358 for calls. It's best to call in an evening, preferably no later than 9pm. If you do call in the day please leave a message and we will come back to you.
We know we only have a few Siberian kittens available and kittens will only be reserved on receipt of a deposit.
The kittens have had first vaccination and vet check. They will go for another around 12 weeks and microchipped. Therefore kittens should be ready for new homes first two weekends in March.
We do not know if the kittens are suitable for allergy sufferers as everyone can react differently and it depends on the severity of the allergy or asthma.
Please note we will not be able to offer kitten visits this weekend due to a procedure I'm having done on Friday and last time I wasn't very well after it. Andy will be looking after me during this time but he should be ok for any calls.
Anuta's Kittens
First up we have Anuta's babies. Anuta had 4 babies and they are are a super bunch, all very sweet. There are 3 boys and 1 girl. We have a Brown Tabby boy and girl, and two Silver Tabby boys we have nicknamed the Twins. We've picked pet names at the moment for all kittens.
From left to right: Zeke, Brown Spotted Tabby male, with small white tail tip. Probably was initially a bit quieter than his brothers and wasn't keen on the vets but he's coming out of his shell now. A bit of a mummy's boy. Anuta does dote on them.
Pollux, aka Po, paler Black Silver Spotted Tabby male. It's very hard to tell him apart from his brother and they are both very playful.
Pixie, Brown Spotted Tabby female. Well the name says it all, a very sweet girl who gets up to all sorts of mischief and encourages her brothers too we are sure of it. Loves a cuddle.
Castor, aka Cas, darker Black Silver Spotted Tabby male. Just like his brother and both should be good sized boys when older.
Added this one in to show how much time and patience Andy has when taking photos, dealing with kittens just wanting to chase anything that moves. I don't know how he does it but he takes fabulous photos every time.

Lorelei Kittens
Next we have Lorelei's kittens. Lorelei had 3 girls. A Brown and White Tabby, a Blue and White and a Black Silver Classic and White. They are again a super bunch and very playful.
From left to right: Lightning, Black Silver Classic Tabby and White. A very sweet girl who plays all the time.
Storm, Blue and White. Probably the quietest of the three but soon catches up with her sisters.
Zoom, Brown Spotted Tabby and White. In the beginning the most adventurous out of the kitten box and the fastest! Loves to play and be cuddled like her sisters but tells you when she wants to play. Loves helping to sweep up!
Left to right: Lightning, Zoom and Storm.
Left, Lightning and Storm.
Email: kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk for more details or to register an interest in a kitten.
Call: 01270569358, if we are unavailable please leave a message. Thanks Jo & Andy

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