Wednesday 1 April 2009

SGCA Alexandrite Azazeal aka Grumpy

After hearing that he might have a contender for the most handsome Alexandrite Black Smoke, Grumpy thought he had better perform for the camera! And didn't he just...

We also had a weigh in and we think Grumpy has been stocking up over Winter at just over 7.7kg he is a big boy! Whose going to be hitting the treadmill this Spring in time for Summer, looks like we both will!

Everybody loves Grumpy and I always say he should have been in a Harry Potter film with that dark brooding stare, any Wizard or Witch would be proud to have him as their assistant x love you Grumpster

1 comment:

  1. Grumpy you look fantastic. Its so nice to see you - and your half brother Kirov sends 'big hugs' from Scotland - and best wishes too from all the Chantaris Cats.