Saturday 12 September 2009

Sometimes it is very hard...

Very sad day today in our home, we lost the little tortie girl of Fe's and Phoenix. We thought it might happen as the poor little one had been struggling but we hoped with all our hearts that it wouldn't.

Andy is helping Fe out with bottle feeding because this is her first litter and she had so many babies. But poor little tortie, our Georgina II just wasn't growing and she didn't want the milk from Fe or the bottle. I feel so very sad for Fe.

We have had a very mixed couple of weeks with the arrivals of Ariana's and Galina's and they both came with sadness and then Fe's little ones arrived on our Anniversary only for us to have more sadness today.

So it is times like these when breeding is so very hard, the only comfort we have is that Kahlan will look after our little tortie Georgina II, Galina's and Ariana's little ones and altogether they will play in the stars. Night Night my sweet angels xxx

(I have also at the beginning of the week hurt my shoulder and back, so I apologise if I have been slow in replying to emails as I am limited on how long I can spend on the laptop.)

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  1. I sometimes think I spend more time in tears...I hope people realise the emotional rollercoster we go through as breeders to produce their awsome bundles of pleasure..take care and chin up!