Thursday 5 November 2009

Anyanka's Kittens

Some videos of Anyanka and Mishka's beautiful babies @ 5 weeks.

First up we have 2 beautiful girls, Brown Tabby and White and Silver Classic Tabby and White, very sweet little girls, with perfect front white feet.

Next we have Anyanka's little Silver tabby boy and his sister. The little fellow is so very fluffy!

And one Black Smoke and White boy, how cute! Spot the white tip on the tail again! We love tails with white tips here.

Finally the little Silver and white girl again, playing with her toy mouse!
(Anyanka likes to lie on the mats!)


  1. Another gorgeous litter - very cute - love the smoke boy!

    Denise xx

  2. Thanks Denise, they are very fluffy!
    Jo xx