Thursday 25 March 2010

Pantera & Mishka Kittens

Some short videos of Pantera's kittens taken last Friday before we set off for the Kent TICA Show.
We have
  • Alexandrite Mercury - Black Smoke & White boy, cute stocky little guy
  • Alexandrite Callisto - Silver tabby & White girl, looks like a mini Pantera, just as pretty as mum
  • Alexandrite Mars - Blue/Silver Classic & White boy, a big boy who loves to charge around
  • Alexandrite Pluto - Silver tabby & White boy, can't make his mind up whether he wanted to be silver tabby or smoke! And has a full of mischief personality to match!
  • Alexandrite Juno - Silver Classic & White girl, very sweet princess
  • Alexandrite Venus - Silver & White girl, sweet angel


  1. Gorgeous babies Jo! They are all so cute!


  2. Sooo beautiful! Congratulations!
    Lois B.