Tuesday 6 April 2010

Kitten Videos - Boo Boo & Pantera's babies

A couple of short videos of Boo Boo's little ones at 2 and half weeks old. They are very cute, we have a black and white girl (little Tedi), silver tabby girl, brown tabby girl, black boy and brown tabby boy. We have yet to pick names for all the kittens, I like to see their personalities more as they grow. Little Tedi has her name as she is a little smaller than the other kittens, I think because a couple of her other siblings have been a bit greedy so Andy is helping out with a couple of feeds each day. The silver girl reminds us of Boo Boo's sister Frostie who was a greedy fat kitten when she was growing up! You will see the Black boy, slowly move across the screen he was clearly thinking he was far too busy for videos!
Anyway enough from me, here are the videos...

A short video of sleepy Pantera's kittens...

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