Saturday 20 November 2010

Anyanka's Kitten Videos

I have uploaded some short videos of Anyanka's little scamps taken during the week by Andy to our Flickr Album

The videos are mainly of the girls as the boys were sleepy! This week has been a big adventure for them as they have just started to explore outside the kitten room, so our next videos will be of their new adventures.

All happening here as we are just getting ready to start the extension which has been in the planning stages forever, but I am quite excited as it means we can hopefully sort out the garden next summer and have the extra space for our furry family!

Andy should be taking some new photos of the kittens tomorrow and I will update the blog with them probably early in the week.

Kitten Availability
We still have Alexandrite Calix (Blue Tabby and White boy) available in Anyanka's litter but all his siblings have now been

Please contact me for availability with Galina's kittens or if you would like more details about Calix

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