Sunday 19 June 2011

Fe's Kittens First Photos

Fe's kittens are just a week old today and growing into fat little sausages. We took some quick photos this morning on my phone so not great quality but you can see how cute they are, and we didn't want to stress Fe too much.

Fe is looking after the babies brilliantly and you can see how proud she is of them.

In the litter we have a great mix of colours,
  • Red Boy
  • Classic Silver Tortie and White Girl
  • Brown Hi-White Girl
  • Brown and White Girl
  • Brown Mackerel Girl
  • Silver Tabby Boy
At the moment all kittens are under assessment, but you are welcome to join the waiting list by emailing

We do have some enquiries already for Fe's litter so if you are interested please let us know soon so you don't miss out.

The best way to keep in touch with "Alexandrite Kitten News" is to submit your email to follow the blog. This can be found underneath "Alexandrite Websites" list and is titled "Follow Alexandrite Siberians". I have submitted our email so I know this works a treat.

A couple of group photos, the little Red boy stands out

Red Boy, I think he already has a fan club! And Nog has some competition!!

Classic Silver Torbie and White Girl, reminds me of Fe when she was little

Brown Hi-White Girl

Brown and White Girl

Brown Mackerel Girl

Silver Tabby Boy


  1. Wowwww beautiful babies - congrats to Fe and Phoenix Mishka. I suppose I'd better stop drooling over the brown-Hi white girl or Danae (currently resting on the chair next to me) will start getting really upset!

  2. All gorgeous Jo! loving you hight white brown girl.... I must resist :) xx

  3. Thanks, they are cute and Fe is doing a wonderful job again. I love with white kittens adds some spice to the colours :-) xx

  4. So gorgeous Jo! I think the red boy is my favourite. He really stands out doesn't he! Stunning! Xx

  5. Lovely babies Jo - and nice to see a Red!! My favourite colour!