Friday 2 September 2011

Introducing Midnightstar Coco

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a new girl to our home and future breeding programme. I am sure everyone will be familiar with her as she is from our friend Denise of Midnightstar Siberians and Denise has been updating her blog with some lovely photos of Coco as she has grown. It was on the blog when we first spotted Coco and instantly fell in love. We loved her cute features and from what Denise said her character would just fit right in here!

So we enquired if Coco was available for breeding and yes she was, as Coco will bring to our breeding, our lines of Paavo and Mishka with some new lines from Coco's dad Katyenka Rasputin. Denise was happy for us to adopt her so we did and then all we had to do was wait for the little Star to arrive, and on Tuesday this week Denise and Chris very kindly drove over to us with Coco or as she is lovingly known "Coco Pops".

From the moment she arrived we knew she would fit in, she loved having a cuddle and she was so funny to watch exploring outside in the new outdoor space and meeting the rest of the family. She has already started to make friends with Mishkin and they will run around like mad, up and down the stairs and around the furniture and outside!! I think she has been quite a hit with him :-)

Coco isn't so sure of Fudge we think it is his colouring, bless and she was a little put off by Nog's ears at first but she is getting used to everyone. And Nog is desperate to join in with the play chasing between Coco and Mishkin. At the moment she also looks like Mojo's little sister, which is cute to see. Denise was right when she said Coco is always on the move and loved to play!

Therefore after only a couple of days with us Coco is settling in really well and she is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you to Denise and Chris for letting Coco join our madhouse!

A couple of Coco climbing the pen at Denise's, we have found she loves to do that here and we are considering changing her name to "Steve McQueen"!

Kitten Availability and Photos
I haven't had chance lately to update the blog with photos of kittens, but Andy had a photo session with Fe's, Galina's and Memphis babies the other day and over the next couple of days I will update the blog with them and who is available. All kittens are doing well and looking very cute.


  1. So please Coco Pops is settling - she was very excited when she arrived wasn't she :) enjoy her as much as we did xx

  2. She was! She is so cute and I think she like us :-) xx

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful new addition Coco. She'll be a great asset to your future breeding.
    Hope you'll keep us updated with her progress. Jackie :))