Sunday 30 October 2011

Akiro does it again!! Another fantastic Show Result!!

We went off to Newbury yesterday for the CatTICA show. We took along Alexandrite Akiro to hopefully get more points towards his Supreme Alter Title and he couldn't have made us prouder. He finished the show with a total of 5 Finals

Chris Unangst - BEST Longhair Alter
Katherina Krenn - 2nd Best Longhair Alter
  Frencesca Gagern - 3rd Best Allbreed Alter
  Heather Roberts - 5th Best Allbreed Alter
  Jeff Roberts - 5th Best Allbreed Alter

Way to go Akiro!
Again we were asked "Why is he an Alter???" Which just makes us very proud of our Siberians and  for anyone who breeds cats, you can't keep everyone in the breeding program. This the judges understood. But by showing him as an alter it proves that we have picked some fantastic Siberians as our foundation cats and we are keeping those lines going with our own bred Siberians.

Big Thank you to all the Judges who picked Akiro for a Final and special thanks to my mum for all her help and catalogue scoring and for those fantastic sandwiches! xxx
Some photos of him in his finals sorry for quality the hall lighting wasn't great.
Akiro and his BEST Alter final with Chris Unangst

Akiro and his 2nd Best Alter Final with Katherina Krenn


  1. Congrats to you all, very good results :)

  2. Thanks Clare, he made us proud again :-)

  3. It must be a wonderful feeling to have a baby you bred do well, keep up the good work :)

  4. It must be a wonderful feeling having a baby you bred do so well and yes it must be hard to keep them entire especially males. Keep up the good work :)

  5. Yes it is, but I am proud of them all. They are all my bubs :-) I do still remember Mishka's first show as a kitten and how proud I was of him, so it is lovely to see his Grandson doing as well too

  6. Congratulations Jo and Akiro. Well done to your Mum! A true star :)

    Lighting at Newbury is awful - isn't it? LOLOL

    Its lovely when you get the great positive comments - makes you feel very proud indeed.

    Lesley x

  7. Congrats to all three of you. So very glad that Akiro's stunning looks and lovely temperament were recognised once more. This boy deserves the very best.