Saturday 3 December 2011

Naturally TICA Show - Alexandrite Akiro, another super show!

Last weekend was another show for Alexandrite Akiro and yet again he made us very proud. The show was at Elsecar, Barnsley and we went both days. There were 12 rings, 6 per day and on the Saturday Akiro made 4 Finals and on the Sunday 5 Finals, including the very last ring where he received another BEST Alter Final. Way to go Akiro!!!

Saturday's Finals
Monika Dany - 2nd Best Allbreed Alter
Connie Webb - 3rd Best Allbreed Alter 
  Sue Hart-Jones - 3rd Best Longhair Alter
  Kim Tomlin - 9th Best Allbreed Alter
 Sunday's Finals
Connie Webb - BEST Allbreed Alter
   Sue Hart-Jones - 2nd Best Longhair Alter
Monika Dany - 3rd Best Longhair Alter
  Heather Roberts - 4th Best Allbreed Alter
Kim Tomlin -  7th Best Allbreed Alter

Akiro receiving his BEST Allbreed Alter Final from Connie

Akiro and his Rosettes, and a little extra friend!!

A big Thank you to all the judges who finalled Akiro and of course mum who came along on the Sunday to help with the show catalogue. After a tiring Saturday I was very glad of the help! Also mum made another great lunch, thanks mum xx

We also had the pleasure of showing Musrafy Yanara for our very good friend Maria, she did brilliantly with many BEST finals and we were very tempted to kidnap her! Well Done Yana!

It was lovely to see Alexandrite River's baby girl too, Midnightstar Rika who also did very well at her first show. Well Done Rika!

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  1. Congratulations again to Akiro :) he is a handsome chappie and deserves it!

    And to Rika too. We are proud of her as you must be as one of your grandfurrkits :)