Wednesday 14 March 2012

Many thanks...and second thoughts....

Thank you to all our friends who emailed us and posted comments on the blog in response to my last blog post. A special thanks to Maria and Melanie who were very supportive at the last TICA show and helped me, in particular, rethink the whole situation. So on a happier note, Andy and I will be continuing to breed Siberians and hopefully will have kittens available later in the year.

We will still be looking for homes for some of our retired girls so if you think you can offer a home to one of our loving girls please email me for more details


  1. Hey! great news :) Looking forward to seeing more gorgeous kittens xx

  2. Fantastic news - we are really excited! Can't wait to see the new kittens!

  3. Fantastic news! Cant wait to see the new Alexandrite beauties!