Tuesday 7 August 2012

Drusilla Enjoying Her Retirement

The other week we received news of Drusilla in her new home and how she was settling in. I thought these photos were lovely and showed how much Drusilla is enjoying retirement. A big Thank You to both Tiffany and Alice for adopting Drusilla and giving her a wonderful retirement where she is spoilt and loved.

For Andy and I it is very hard for us to let one of our family go but as breeders we have to otherwise very soon we would have to stop breeding as we would run out of space and hours in the day to spend with them. Letting them go is a difficult decision to make and every time I do there are tears and a piece of my heart goes with them. But when you meet their new families and receive news of how loved they are and photos like Drusilla's you know in being strong it is the best thing to do for them.

I know what we do isn't for everyone but please don't judge us and don't ever think it is easy to do because it isn't. We do it for them as they deserve that spoiled pampered life just like Drusilla.

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