Wednesday 3 October 2012

Magnificent Seven!

I took this photo of Gems kittens the other day still hard to tell them apart on the photo.

The colours we have are 2 Black and White, 2 Silvers (1 with white), 1 Black and 2 Brown Torties.

All kittens are doing well even the tiniest in the litter. She was just 52g born but a little fighter and Andy is helping Gem out by topping them up with some bottle milk. This also gives us the opportunity to keep track of weight gain. And they are all gaining weight each day.

Please contact for more details.

We also have Olivia a Brown Tabby and Blaze a Red Silver and White Tabby looking for their forever homes. Both are very sweet and friendly. Please email or call 01270 569358 (evening) for details.

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