Monday 12 November 2012

Not Sib News But Nog News!

I know this isn't Siberian news but it is cat news and it's something we are all excited about here!

I recently updated Nogs Blog with this news but wanted to share it here too while we sorted out new photos of Memphis and Gems kittens. 

Well since being adopted by Nog I have been inspired to create a couple of new enterprises. One of them is Nogs Cat Shop, which is a fun online shop and very soon Nog will have his very own children's ebook!

The photo is a character sketch of Nog as a kitten and so fits his personality. I have been very lucky to have a professional children's illustrator Jan McCafferty work on the new ebook. Her work and understanding of his character is awesome and we are all really excited to see my ideas turn into a reality. 

The children's ebook will be called "Nog Finds A New Home" and will be aimed at helping young children understand what happens when a new kitten arrives. 

I will be updating Nogs Blog with more news as we have it and Noggy is so excited with all the attention xx

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