Monday 11 February 2013

Kittens New Home Update

While we wait for Marishka's babies to arrive I wanted to share these photos and a few lovely words from Anna who adopted Beni and Fili. They were brother and sister from Memphis and Paavo litter last year.

Thanks to Anna for spoiling them both and the lovely photos and comments. Beni and Fili make us all very proud.

A few words from Anna,

"They are both very loving and affectionate. If one comes up for a
cuddle you know the other is not far behind! I am glad I have two
hands to do synchronised stroking, as they can be demanding! :) They
have won over even "dog people"! Fili is very loving and friendly and
will come up to strangers demanding attention, while Beni is more
active and playful and has developed a small foot fetish! He is a
very handsome boy indeed and his ear tufts are just fantastic. Fili
is cute in a I-just-want-to cuddle-you kind of way, though when she
first wakes up she has such a cute little grumpy face on her!"

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