Saturday 2 March 2013

Little Mojos Onboard!!

We are excited to announce the expected arrival soon of a surprise litter!!

We didn't think Mojo was expecting so when she seemed a bit off colour we took her for a scan and we had a lovely surprise!

Mojo has little Mojos also known as baby Potsters on board!!

Oh heck not more naughty Jomos!! If you think you can handle a very naughty kitten full of character then we are hoping for some more like Jomo. Jomo was Mojo's only kitten from her first litter and she really is a funny kitten. She has so much energy and when she goes quiet or isn't around then you know she's up to something!!

We don't have a waiting list for Mojo's kittens as they were a surprise but I will make any kittens available to the list first. Then I will update the blog with any kittens we might have available.

Please email if you want to express an interest in a baby Mojo.

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