Friday 24 May 2013

Lexy & Kitten Update

As you can imagine its been crazy mad here with our extended family of kittens!

All mums and kittens are doing well and this weekend Marishka's go off to their new homes. We will miss them, they've been a super fun bunch but they will be very well spoilt in their new homes. And we will look forward to updates and photos.

Alexandrite Kingslayer aka Jamie is staying here and we are excited to watch his development. He is a character and chatty and already has dads fat pouch!!

Next month will be another busy month with more kittens going and 2 weddings to go too!!

I am trying to keep up to date with emails but if I have missed replying please just email me again to

We might have details of kittens available next month and we are already planning our late summer (autumn) kittens.

In the meantime here's a lovely photo of Lexy who lives with our great friend Maria. We think she has turned into a very pretty girl. Big thanks to Maria for looking after her.

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