Tuesday 16 July 2013

It's Official!!! Our First Alexandrite Siberian International Winner!!

We had the most exciting post today! The one we've been waiting for that seemed an age in arriving!

Alexandrite Akiro received the official news of his International Win!!

He is only one of four Siberians here in the UK!
And only one of 2 bred here in the UK!

He is the FIRST Siberian Alter to achieve an International Win and FIRST Siberian Alter bred in the UK to receive the Award International Winner!!

We are so proud of what he has achieved last year TICA BEST SIBERIAN ALTER and Regional Winner.

This year an INTERNATIONAL WINNER, 14th BEST ALTER in the WORLD and BEST ALLBREED ALTER in the Region!!!

Such an amazing accomplishment for such a handsome and laid back boy.

We are so proud of Akiro and after what at times has been a tough 12 months we really still can't believe it. It really is truly amazing!

We want to thank all the judges who picked him and our family and friends who supported us.

We now have our second International Winner in the household after International Winner Supreme Grand Champion Cooncreole Paavo achieved his in 2008/2009.

So Akiro's new title is....


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