Thursday 12 September 2013

What's Happening in USA Could Happen Here!!

We belong to the TICA Siberian Group and through this we have over the last few months received emails about what is happening in America and it really scares us if this came here. 

This is a blog post which was sent to us recently and you only need to substitute dog for cat. The article discusses the new Rules which have just been approved. 

The rules/legislation (sorry I'm not sure of the full terms) being brought in by APHIS are very frightening. And the policies will affect ALL animals. 

From this article and others we get the impression that the Animal Activists don't want anyone to have pets. If they get there way, we don't think they have thought about what will happen to all the pets. They just don't want you to have any! 

We are just one family who would find our home very empty without Fudge, Nog, Pepper and our extended Siberian family. Yes they take a lot of devotion, time and money but we wouldn't be without them. I do have health issues (no not looking for the sympathy vote, it's a fact I have various illnesses) and without the love of Fudge, Nog, Pepper and the Sibs there are many days I wouldn't get through. They make me laugh when I cry, when the days of endless pain feel never ending they do something silly which makes me laugh. And after completing the Pain Management Programme this year laughing does help :)

Last month Andy, my mum and I supported the Birman Rescue Fun Day. Which we thoroughly enjoyed and a mammoth £2028 was made! The reason I mention it here is because at the Fun Day was a young boy who didn't communicate with his family until one day they adopted a Birman and he started talking to her. Now he is very different young boy. It's such a lovely story and one that hopefully will be repeated in years to come. 

If rules and legislation like the ones in America get out of control and they are brought in over here there are a lot of people and families out there who could lose a beloved member of their family. 

Breeders will be forced to stop breeding or will be faced with having to stop rearing kittens inside their homes to abide by the new rules. If there are no pets, we don't need all the support services that go with them, no vets, no groomers, no pet food, no toys. This won't just affect breeders it will affect the global economy and families who have jobs in the pet industry. It really is all very frightening and not a future to look forward to...

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