Sunday 12 January 2014

Christmas Show News!

It's been awhile since we went to the last TICA show of 2013. It was at Coventry and it was run by the club Spoticat. This was Kimball's first show and at only just turned 9 months. Yes, the super-sized boy next to Akiro is Kimball and only just out of the kitten class!

Everyone who met him at 6 months couldn't believe the size of him and at now just 10 months old he is 6.3kg, so yes a super-sized boy!

Kimball lives with Akiro and Jamie (his half brother) and they are a bunch of super-sized clowns! When a 10 week old kitten runs around our sofa at hi-speed, yes you duck but you when the boys get going its more of a pull yourself into a tight protective ball and hope for the best! Because with Akiro 7kg, Kimball 6.3kg and Jamie 6kg running around like idiots bouncing off things and jumping on top of doors! Yes both Kimball and Jamie still do this. It really is a different experience watching TV!

Back to the show, Akiro had gone a long for company and he yet again made us very proud with 8 finals. Akiro doesn't really need to go anymore as he has enough points for another Regional Win this year. That means he will have achieved his Lifetime Achievement, with an International Win and 2 Regional Wins. Akiro is the FIRST UK bred Siberian to achieve this and yet again it shows what a one in a million Siberian he is.

Kimball got 4 finals and one of those was a 2nd Allbreed final out of a cat count of 50 and he beat some amazing titled cats. This included 5 other Siberians 4 of which were over 2 years old to 3 and half years old and a RW Supreme Title. He was chilled during the show, and I think you can see from the photos he was happy to be there with Akiro.

It was a great show and we want to Thank all the Judges who picked our boys. Both Andy and I thought back to when we went to the same show in 2006 with Mishka and Cimus. It was our second TICA show and both boys did well. Mishka was only 4/5 months old and I remember the judges not believing he was still only a baby and a girl, as he was far too pretty for a boy!

So that was our last show of the year and we are now looking forward to our first show of 2014. Well we've got to go again because I couldn't resist that new colour lilac Sturdi pen. The boys will look fab!

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