Tuesday 25 March 2014

Kitten News

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted and Andy has been really busy looking after us all and running his own business. Thank you to everyone for the get well wishes. It's been very much appreciated and I'm sorry if I haven't responded to any emails.

We can announce Pantera's kittens have arrived safely and mum and babies are doing well. We have a mixture of blues and silvers with and without white as predicted. I will confirm details when first photos are taken in a couple of weeks if not sooner.

The photo is of Catalena and Mishkin's little ones. All girls are so adorable but incredibly adventurous! We keep forgetting how old they are and at only 4 weeks they are adventuring out onto the landing and getting in places no other litters have tried.

We have from left to right a Blue Silver Tabby and White girl, Blue Tabby and White girl and a Black Silver Tabby and White girl. A lovely mix of colours. This is Catalena's first litter and she is being a fabulous mum. The photo was taken at 3 weeks. The kittens eyes are blue at this stage but they will start to change soon and will be nice and green as adults. I'm hoping Andy will get chance to take some more photos this week as the girls look even sweeter now.

Both litters will first be made available to the families who have paid a deposit and are on the Waiting List. Any kittens under assessment might become available at a later stage or if they don't match preferences on the Waiting List.

We also hope to have another litter end of April or early May.

We cannot take deposits for kittens from allergy sufferers who have not tested their allergy with a kitten from one of the litters. We think it is unfair and not right to take money from families who have not checked how they will react. We also will not accept deposits from families who have checked their allergy at another breeders. It is with our kittens only. Nothing is scientifically proven regarding the hypo-allergenic nature of Siberians and we feel it is unfair and really doesn't sit right with Andy or I to build false hope or take money. We have had successes as well as failures homing kittens with allergy sufferers. Please see our FAQ's on the blog for more information.

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