Sunday 14 June 2009

Anuta's Babies

Finally a little bit of time to squeeze in updating the blog with some photos of Anuta's babies and they are really cute. We just love these babies, all silver tabbies. Anuta and Cimus you make us very proud. I love the one of Anuta and Pascha, he is fast asleep while Anuta watches over him.

  • First off we have Alexandrite Pascha, he is very handsome, he just loves having his photo taken! I think he will rival his dad in a couple of years, but I am sure Cimus won't mind.
  • Next we have Alexandrite Picasso, he is slightly darker than his brother but very handsome too! We have loads of fun with him chasing the feather toys.

  • Then we have the two girls, Alexandrite Pushkin. She is so pretty just like her mum Anuta, but she seems to be a bit more naughty than Anuta!

  • Last but not least we have Alexandrite Porsha, she is so very sweet. Porsha loves to follow her mum everywhere!

I have taken a number of reservations for Anuta's beautiful babies, at the moment pretty Pushkin has already found her forever home. So I will be contacting everyone asap, if preferences can't be matched a kitten may become available from this litter at a later date. I will update the blog when I have news.

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