Saturday 13 June 2009

Willow's babies - New homes

Well it has been awhile and it is now that time again for the babies to go to their new homes, it is a happy and sad time for us. It is lovely to meet the babies new parents but sad to see the bundle of mischiefs go. Very mixed feelings for us here, but we know for sure they will be loved and they give so much fun and love back, we can't ask for any more.

It was Neo and Reese's turn today, they went together which is just brilliant for us and them, and Kelly their new mum has already texted me to let me know they are settling well and have had a play and were now sleeping. What a day for them!
Thank you for looking after them both x

Zak and Zuri go tomorrow with Yasmin on Tuesday, all off to their new adventures!

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