Sunday 18 October 2009

Back from Washington, DC

Yes, I am back! And all the babies have grown and look very cute!

I had a super trip with my Mum, we both really enjoyed it. There were loads of places to visit and of course we had to do the obligatory trip to Bloomingdales and Macy's. So after travelling back overnight on Friday, we got back to Heathrow yesterday at 7am to then take our connecting flight up to Manchester, finally getting home at around 2pm! So after only 2 hours sleep in over 24hrs I was feeling very tired last night and this morning I was a bit jet lagged, therefore I haven't got as much done today as I wanted. But Andy has been busy taking photos and there are now over 300 photos for me to sort through!

I have picked names for the kittens, well I think so, sometimes I pick a name and then change my mind because I then don't think it suits them...but we do have names now and I will be working on the photos over the next couple of days. So I know I have promised photos to quite a few people they are on there way!

PS We are lucky to be able to download any photos, Akiro has had a very busy afternoon of chewing through the USB port and the camera cable! Last week he chewed through 2 phone chargers!!! Andy says he has jaws of steel, what a naughty boy he is, but so cute you can't be cross with him. The face of an Angel but a naughty streak the Devil would be proud of...

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