Wednesday 14 October 2009

Washington, DC Trip

Well not a Siberian related trip this time, so no new members to the family, instead a mini-holiday for my Mum and I, and we are having a fabulous time here in Washington, DC, USA.

We arrived on Sunday after a bit of upset at the airport when I had a bit of bad time with the landing and needed a wheelchair to go through passport control, we think it was down to a drop in the oxygen level. Which I have experienced before, bit scary but felt loads better on Monday.

Monday we went to see the Whitehouse, we were going to call but couldn't fit it in our busy schedule! Next stop The Museum of Natural History, where we spent about 5 hours walking around! Saw the biggest diamonds on exhibition, watch out Andy I need an upgrade again to the Engagement Ring... Then quick stop at Macy's for much needed shopping.

Today we have been to Arlington Cemetery, we had a tour and saw where JFK is buried and we looked around a great exhibition on Women in War, those women make us proud to be girls. Then we got the metro (yes news announcement I have travelled public transport!) back to the city and had a quick look around the Air and Space Museum.

More places to visit tomorrow, and we aren't back until Saturday so Andy is at home holding the fort for me. So I have limited access to emails but I am answering emails to the Alexandrite Siberian Kittens account where possible.

Thanks Andy couldn't have come without you looking after the family xxx

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