Monday 25 October 2010

Anyanka's Kittens Escaping!!

Andy took a short video on Sunday of Anyanka's kittens @ 3 and half weeks of age. All the kittens are doing great and so very cute. Anyanka has such adorable, friendly kittens.

The Blue tabby boy comes to the front of the box and squeaks for attention. It is still difficult to tell the silver kittens apart, so at the start of the video we have one of the Silver kits on the left, the Blue tabby boy in the middle and the Blue (Smoke) with White on the right. He is so cute and even though the smallest at the moment in the litter he is so feisty, I really love this little guy.
Saying that, I love them all!

We are still taking enquiries for Anyanka's kittens so please email if you think you can offer one of these scamps a home!

If the video below throws an error (I think it hates the fancy new camera Andy has!!! I have been trying to upload the video since Monday!!) go to our Flickr Album Anyanka's Kittens