Monday 11 October 2010

New Kittens Welcome Back Present!!

I am back from a lovely trip to Boston with my Mum, we had a great time, gorgeous hotel and some rest!

Andy looked after the furry bunch, and on Tuesday last week Galina gave birth to 7 stunning babies. We have 5 browns and 2 blues, and because Phoenix is the Dad we have a mixture of with and without white. I will confirm boys and girls soon.

It was a lovely welcome back for me and I couldn't believe how big they were already! With 7 packed in there I thought they would be smaller but no all really good weights.

Anyanka's are nearly two weeks old and all doing well. I think we have 2 blues (possibly our first blue smoke) and 3 silvers again with Mishka the Dad a mixture of with and without white!

I am still getting over the journey home and first day back at work, definite feeling of "First day back Monday blues!!" and I seem to have now started with a cold so please don't think I won't be replying I just need some time to get back up to date. With the arrival of Galina's kittens we should have enough kittens to cover our recent enquiries :-)

Both litters should be ready to go to their new homes around Christmas time.


  1. Glad to hear you had a lovely time Jo! What a great welcome back present! Well done Galina! I can't wait to see pics of them as they grow up!

  2. Glad you had great time x

    OO I love Galina babies, can't wait to see them.

    D xx

  3. Congratulations on the new litter. Glad that you and your Mum had a wonderful time!

    Well done to Andy for his baby-sitting duties - he's a 'dab hand' - its wonderful when the 'other half' is able to 'hold the fort'.

    Jo - you and I are lucky - with our 'boys' LOLOL

  4. Thanks, we had a great time. Andy did well unsupervised LOL!

    Thanks too about the kittens, can't wait to see how they turn out. Some nice with whites in the litter :-)