Monday 11 April 2011

Pantera Kitten Photos

This first photo was taken last week of who we call "The Mishka Bear", you can definitely tell who the daddy is!!

This little guy is under assessment for the time being.

I then took some quick photos on Saturday of Pantera's kittens. We haven't taken proper ones yet as they are still a bit young and Pantera wasn't too keen on the idea. So rather than stress her out we are going to wait a little bit and hopefully in a weeks time we should be able to get some videos and better photos. So sorry about the quality but I still think they look very cute and they are all very fat sausages :-)

Mishka Bear again

This little chap looks like a Black Smoke with White, he has a little bit of white under one eye which looks kinda cute

Black smoke girl and 2 Silver Tabby boys.

One photo of the proud mum Pantera, I think you can just about see one of the babies


  1. Ohhhh soooo cute!!!! I love the Mishka Bear and all the others are so gorgeous too! Can't wait to see more pics. They are really adorable :-) xx

  2. Thanks Melanie, they are cute and growing so fast! Glad you like them x

  3. Yes love them! They all look really chunky. Pantera must be a good mum! Love the black smoke girl. I wish I had more space, I'd love to have her or the Mishka bear!

  4. Thanks, they are definitely chunky :-) I love the black smoke girl too and Mishka bear, very tempting...

  5. Congrats - absolutely adorable! No wonder Pantera is so proud. Mishka bear is definitely a 'Mishka' face (irresistible) - as for the black Smoke boy with white I can only say I have this thing about black smoke boys laying on the floor showing tummies ...
    Can't wait to see them developing!

  6. Lovely to see them - and Mishka Bear - just 'who's the daddy'??? Can't possibly refute his ownership can you?? :))

    Pantera looks very happy and content - and well done - beautiful babies :))

  7. Gorgeous babies Jo - as always :)

    D xx

  8. Thank you for all your lovely comments, they are very cute and chunky kits! xx