Saturday 2 April 2011

Alexandrite Mercury

Marina sent me some photos of Mercury aka Hermes and I wanted to share them with everyone and this is how I want to rememember him.

The first one was taken about a month ago, we think he looks so like his dad Mishka and the second one with Danae of him playing in the garden was taken just 3 days before he sadly passed away...

Marina has created a web page about Mercury and here is a link to it, read his lovely story and how he was a such a big personality.

Mercury's Story

We all miss you Mercury, be safe now sweet, handsome boy xxx


  1. Thanks Jo and Andy. The truth is we are still in shock and in denial - we are waiting for him to walk down the path and come running for cuddles.
    Mercury (aka Hermes) now rests in the garden, in his favourite spot.
    We are both animal lovers; pets for us are members of the family. Much as we love all our cats we can honestly say this boy was one in a million - truly a class above the rest. Mishka and Pantera should be so proud of him ...
    As for us, having shared our lives with him and knowing what a clever, considerate boy he was, we count on his ingenuity to find a way to come back. We miss him so much!

  2. what a lovely boy he sure he will be sadly missed :(

  3. Marina we both understand how you are feeling and we wish with all our hearts he was still here. But he was loved and even if he is no longer with us he will always be in our hearts.
    Thank you Clare for your kind words, he will be missed by all xx