Sunday 31 July 2011

Exciting News! Kitten News!

We have some exciting news of a new baby who will be joining our home at the end of summer. She is a sweetie and this will mix our lines with new lines. So she will be a great addition to our breeding programme. It really was love at first sight with this girl and we will introduce her properly when she arrives...

Kitten Availability
Carina has now been adopted and has gone to her new home today with Angela and Adam. She will go to be with Alexandrite Sir Leon (aka Aslan) so she will have a big brother to play with :-)

Fe's & Phoenix Kittens
We will be taking more photos this week but at the moment we have decided to make available the following kittens:

Red Tabby and White Boy - "Cheeky Chap"
Brown Classic and White Girl - "The Adventurer"
Brown Mackerel Tabby Girl - "Little Tiger"

We are still assessing the following kittens:

Silver Torbie and White Girl - "Orbit"
Golden Classic Tabby and White Girl - "Cookie Too"
Silver Mackerel Tabby Boy - "The Tank"

We have for quite awhile now not been letting kittens go for breeding but both "Orbit" and "The Tank" are showing a lot of promise. Fe was imported from Holland so they have the advantage of different lines, mixed with our own successful breeding programme. "Tank" is a very chunky boy and at 6 and half weeks he weighed 940g!

At the moment I am assessing "Cookie" for our own future breeding programme but she may become available at a later date.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of these super kittens, email

Galina & Phoenix Kittens
We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of 5 kittens this week to Galina and Phoenix. Our hearts were saddened though when one of the little ones didn't make it. The very sad side to breeding and something neither Andy or I will get used to.

On a happier note, we have checked the kittens and it looks like we have 2 Brown Girls, 1 Brown and White Girl, 1 Blue and White Boy (white tail tip) and 1 Blue Boy.

We will be posting photos when the kittens are a bit older, Galina is one of our girls who is very maternal so we don't want to unduly stress her. We have kept a girl from Galina and Phoenix first litter Alexandrite Morganna aka Mojo and we can vouch for what a super, sweet natured kitten she is.