Friday 8 July 2011

Fe's Kitten Photos

Andy was able to take some photos of Fe's kittens on Wednesday. We haven't done any sooner because Fe has become stressed when we have taken babies out of the kitten box to be weighed so we didn't want to stress her more to take photos of the kittens. He also hasn't used the proper lights so they aren't the usual standard but I think the kittens look cute on them :-)

All babies are doing well and we even have an escapee out of the kitten box already. It is the Brown and White girl she seems quite the adventurer!

Here are the photos, first up is the boys!

Silver Tabby Boy, and this chap is built like a tank!

Then we have our first proper Red Tabby and White boy, he really stands out!

Next we have the girls...

Brown Tabby and White Girl, the little adventurer and yes her feet are white you just can't see them in this photo

Brown Tabby Girl, I really love this little girls type and she reminds me of a tiger. She has a very spotty tummy!

Brown possibly Golden Tabby and White Girl, this little princess reminds me of her dad when he was a bubba and he just seemed all ears!

Silver Torbie and White Girl, she reminds me of Fe when she was just a bubba. I love her little cream patch on her forehead.

I am just taking enquiries at the moment for Fe's kittens and if you are interested in one of her gorgeous babies please email

(Photos were taken at 3 and 1/2 weeks of age)


  1. JO - they are gorgeous! love them all xx

  2. Beautiful kittens Jo. Love the variety in colours. The pictures really show them off.

  3. So very beautiful and sweet, all of them! Fe and Phoenix must be so proud of their babies. The Brown and possibly Golden and white girl is a heart winner!