Monday 9 June 2014

Siberian Kittens and Adults

Well it's a bit quieter here but still lots to do as I am behind with sorting out kitten photos and sending out to families on the Waiting List and Enquiry List. This was due to a bad week for me last week with my usual issues and a generous number of migraines! Why have one when you can have three! So I was pretty useless last week. I know it sounds lame but it was a difficult week and I'm sorry I've not got photos sorted yet. Hopefully won't be long and we think they are worth the wait. 

We are also evaluating a few in Gems litter for possible breed or show so kittens might become available at a later stage. If you see a breeder does have kittens available please don't feel pressured by other breeders that these breeders aren't any good or they should be avoided. There seems to be some scare tactics going around which I think is pretty poor show of the breeders who are doing it. We do sometimes have kittens available due to changes here or where they were going. It is not a bad reflection on the kitten or us. It just means things happen or the kittens were so damn fabulous we couldn't make our mind up quick enough! 

So for a quick update, all kittens are doing well and they all show such amazing different characters. They are so fun to watch and play with. We forget how young they are as they are exploring outside their kitten room and tackling the stairs. There will be no stopping them now!

Alexandrite SiberiansThis little guy, well not so little anymore will be going to his new family at the weekend. He is such a happy guy and we will miss him but hopefully he will have lots of new adventures. Spook will have to make do with his mum, Andy and I to play with. Unfortunately neither Andy or I are very good at chase around the sofa ;)

We are also looking for homes for a couple of our retired girls, both Mojo and Marishka have been spayed and healing well. The girls have also been chipped and are just waiting for their new home to be treated like princesses. 

We also have a young boy Ralph who is looking for a home. He is a very handsome, striking silver classic and white. Ralph has been a stud here and we had some gorgeous kittens from him. And compared to some of the breeding boys I've seen recently in the UK he is one hell of a good looking Siberian but he is a quiet gentle giant and we both feel a life on the sofa in a less busy household is more suited to his needs. At the end of the day, yes he is a stunning boy and has been a great dad but his needs come first. So if you aren't looking for a Siberian kitten or would like company for a kitten a young adult is a great choice. I will be updating the blog page Available Alexandrite Siberians and Kittens with photos this week of the adults and I will be sending out photos of kittens to the families on our waiting list first and then our enquiry list. If you have any questions about our young adults or kittens please email for more details. 

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