Monday 30 May 2011

Alexandrite Morganna

We were working in the extension yesterday, Andy was laying the new flooring and Mojo (Morganna) decided to pose on it and I took a quick photo on my phone.

We think she looks great on the new floor :-)


  1. She obviously likes her new floor - and congratulations to her Daddy for laying this especially for her!

    Lovely to see her growing!

  2. Oh she is gorgeous Jo! Love her big lynx tips and her contrast on her pattern is amazing. The new floor looks great too! Xx m

  3. She is lovely Jo - who does she come from? x

  4. Thanks :-) She is a sweetie. Very chilled, she puts up with crazy Nog jumping all over her!
    Her parents are Phoenix and Galina, very clever mum and dad :-)
    Yes, they love the new extension, a whole new play area :-) xx