Monday 2 May 2011

Boo Boo Kitten Video

A short video of Alexandrite Tynan, whose name means dark and dusty to go with his Black Smoke colouring. And his sister Alexandrite Nixie, which means Water Sprite, and she definitely is!

Both Tynan and Nixie have been adopted and will be going to their new home in May. They are going together which will be lovely for them.

I do have some photos of the younger litters which I will be sending out shortly to everyone who has enquired. For the time being I won't be adding any photos to the blog because it is very annoying to see the photos being used to scam people out of money. I am hoping for Andy to get some videos of them which I will upload to the blog, no one has pinched videos yet!


  1. Lovely pair - so nice they are going together :) xx

  2. Thanks, Dee. Yes it is :-) very exciting for them both xx