Wednesday 14 May 2014

Alexandrite Siberians Kitten News

Just a couple of gorgeous photos of all our kittens who have now found homes. Andy took a load on Sunday and I could have posted them all to the blog. It must be a combination of gorgeous Siberian Kittens and Andy being so fabulous with the camera. It's lovely though to be able to sends lots of cute kitten photos out to families. 

I love how Andy manages to capture great shots of their personalities and the one of Pantera's with her handsome Blue and White boy with a look enough to say "How many girls do I live with?!", is so funny. 

The time seems to have flown by and we can't believe they will be going off to new homes soon. Vet checks and vaccinations went well so it's just paperwork to print before they go off on their next big adventure. 

Kitten News
We have had the arrival of our Spring/Summer kittens and we've had the surprise of a super litter of gorgeous Lynx (Tabby) Points. It's hard to tell quite yet but some are with White. 

At first looks we have some promising looking kittens and the last time I felt like this the little kitten in question went on to be the FIRST UK bred Siberian to achieve the TICA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Title. That's only awarded with an International Win and two Regional Wins over a 3 year period. This really is an amazing achievement so we know this litter has potential and with this in mind Andy and I are open to a kitten going for breeding or show. Please contact us via the enquiry form and once we have more details and photos we will be contacting families on the list. You can also email or call us but please still complete the form. 

We also have Silver and White tabbies so a gorgeous rainbow of colours this year. 

Retired Girls and Young Adult Available
This year we will retiring some of gorgeous girls. We will have a mixture of Brown and Silver Tabbies. All Siberian Adults will be neutered and vet checked. If you think you would love to be owned by a Siberian and don't want the kitten phase or want an adult first to add to at a later stage. This is a great way to fall in love with the Siberian breed. Retired Siberians have a lot to offer and at the end of the day all kittens end up adults, some of ours seem to grow too quick and are soon adult size, look at Kimball and Jamie and Akiro and going back to the beginning Mishka. All big boys at 5 - 6 months of age so please don't be too quick to discount an older Siberian. You can sign up for hearing about any retired or young adults through the Enquiry List form attached to the blog. 

We are super happy to announce gorgeous Anjanka aka Jenks has found a new home not too far away with a lovely family. We thank them for giving Jenks an opportunity for a loving retirement home. Jenks is such a cuddly girl and we wish her new family lots of cuddles off Jenks in the future. 

Enquiry List Form
Thank you to everyone who has completed the form and I am planning to send out an email this week. I was hoping to sooner but last week wasn't great for me and when I don't feel well I'd rather spend time with kittens than doing emails. Well who wouldn't?! 

So thank you for being patient and we will be in touch very soon. 

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