Friday 2 May 2014

Kitten News & New Enquiry Form

Aren't we cute!!!

I couldn't resist posting these photos of Pantera's little ones all reaching for the toy. Andy really knows how to take fabulous photos of our Alexandrite Siberian Kittens but it's the mums and dads who make it easier for him by having such cute kittens. All of Pantera's kittens are now reserved but we have had some new babies arrive, details to follow soon.

To help us manage our future enquiries we have now created an additional page on the blog called "Alexandrite Enquiry List". This form will enable families to quickly complete their email and preferences eg We are looking for: a kitten, young adult or older Siberian. The form is then submitted to a program called MailChimp which we can then use to send out emails and at any point families can unsubscribe from receiving emails.

There really is one reason why we have done this and it's due to my ongoing health issues. I really don't know how I will be from one day to the next and since the start of the year I have had a number of bad flare ups. Due to me feeling so poorly we haven't been able to manage or respond to emails promptly and we both really hate that. We want to keep families updated but the old way is making this too difficult. So we really hope that everyone understands why we are doing this and will hopefully see the benefits in the future. This doesn't mean we won't reply to other emails on contrary we are hoping this gives us more opportunity to keep up to date with all emails.

Therefore if you have emailed us recently and would like to join our enquiry list, please go to our new page "Alexandrite Enquiry List" and complete your details and preferences. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Over the next year we are also looking for homes for some of our Siberian adults so if you think you would prefer a less boisterous Siberian, then a Siberian adult might be right for you. All adults are neutered and vet checked including an annual booster, flea and worm treatment.

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  1. How cute are they. We already have two lovely Alexandrite cats, who would have their little noses put out, I suspect, if we got another one, so I'm having to resist the addiction. You're not helping by producing such adorable bundles!