Saturday 28 March 2009

Alexandrite Ariana's scamps!

Well what can I say other than scamps, scamps, scamps and more scamps!!!

Photos of the little ones playing on the cat tree last night and having a ton load of fun. Since their first steps out of the kittening room we don't know who has had the most fun them or us watching them. They had their first vaccinations this week so are able to explore more now, and they certainly are. All under the watchful eye of mum, Ariana of course.

It was a bit scary last night for us though, Neve jumped down from the middle of the cat tree and Kaleigh was on the top well before we could do anything to stop her Kaleigh jumps straight from the top and lands right on Neve! Well at least it was soft landing! Not sure what Neve thought though...

Micah isn't quite so sure of the cat tree yet, but I sure he will be joining his sisters soon...
They are such an adorable 3 and it is great having them around

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