Sunday 1 March 2009

New Cat Tree

At the show yesterday Andy and I saw the most amazing cat tree and just couldn't resist treating them all. Looking at the photos you can see that everyone just loves it.

Kahlan loves the bed we got them at Christmas so when I saw this new cat tree, I wanted to treat her immediately. Kahlan was off colour on Thursday and I am not sure how much longer we have together, so I just wanted to spoil her and she loves it. As soon as Andy started putting it together Kahlan and Drusilla were exploring. The only one not to yet is Fudge, it normally takes him awhile to get used to things, he has had a sniff at it today so progress! Give him a couple of weeks and I am sure he will love it too.

We bought kit 2 and 3 and Andy put them together, we still have some bits left over so we can add to it. We think it is brilliant, there is just one problem the arguments over who sits at the top!

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