Tuesday 17 March 2009

Alexandrite babies off to new homes

With the upset of Kahlan I have been neglecting the blog and I have been meaning to write about Galina's girls going off to their new homes a couple of weeks ago. It has definitely been quieter without them and it was lovely to spend a bit extra time with them after the boys had gone to their big adventures.

With 6 in a litter you will often see a more boisterous couple so to have just the 3 girls to play with was lovely. Elvina was the more quiet one in the litter and very good at entertaining herself but with the very boisterous boys gone we were able to see her play more with the other girls and us. Elvina loved playing with the feather and foil toys. And she reminded us so much of Cimus, a very pretty girl just adorable.

But Emerson was the best jumper blimey can she jump and turn mid-air it was quite amazing! It was like a blur watching her jump and chase the foil cat stick! Emerson also liked to look at herself in the oven door, very funny to watch. She definitely knew she is a princess x

Galenka was just a scamp but so adorable, a real gem! I know it looks like she is frowning on the photos but she is such a sweetie really!

So it has been very quiet without them all...but we have heard that they are all doing brilliantly in their new homes and I will be writing an update shortly on how they are doing...

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