Thursday 25 March 2010

Pantera & Mishka Kittens

Some short videos of Pantera's kittens taken last Friday before we set off for the Kent TICA Show.
We have
  • Alexandrite Mercury - Black Smoke & White boy, cute stocky little guy
  • Alexandrite Callisto - Silver tabby & White girl, looks like a mini Pantera, just as pretty as mum
  • Alexandrite Mars - Blue/Silver Classic & White boy, a big boy who loves to charge around
  • Alexandrite Pluto - Silver tabby & White boy, can't make his mind up whether he wanted to be silver tabby or smoke! And has a full of mischief personality to match!
  • Alexandrite Juno - Silver Classic & White girl, very sweet princess
  • Alexandrite Venus - Silver & White girl, sweet angel

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Alexandrite Hendrix enjoying his Final!

A short video of Alexandrite Hendrix enjoying his Final with Pascal Remy on Saturday!

Pascal referred to him as a monkey at one point! Everyone laughed and thought Hendrix was very funny and cute too!

We are often asked "What are Siberians like to live with?" Well I think this gives you a bit of an idea, enjoy...

Monday 8 March 2010

Announcing TICA Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro

We have some very exciting news at his very first adult show our very handsome Alexandrite Akiro achieved his first Alter Allbreed Final where he was 6th out of 25 other alters. So at only 8 months of age we are very proud to announce

TICA Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro

Thank you to Bill Lee from the USA for finalling our baby boy and the lovely words you said about him.

Please check out Akiro's show results here Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro

Top Show News

We went to a two day TICA show at the weekend and we had a great time. We took the 3 boys again and they were fantastic. Paavo was his usual Mr Laidback, Hendrix again didn't need any catnip and was jumping around like a crazy monkey, and Akiro was a star at his first adult show.

Paavo had 6 finals, including 2 Best Longhair Cat and 9 Best of Breeds, please see our website for full details (link below):

TICA IW SGC Cooncreole Paavo

Super cute Horror Hendrix had 8 finals, including 1 Best Allbreed Kitten, 2 Best Longhair Kitten and 6 Best of Breeds, please see our website for full details (link below):

Alexandrite Hendrix

Also it was Chunk's first show Paavo's son Mentobe Arctic Monkey and he got 2 finals, including a Best Allbreed Kitten. Congratulations to Susie and Mark.

Way to go Boys!!

It was a great result for Siberians especially the kittens as 3 out of 4 Allbreed Kitten finals on the Saturday, Siberians were picked as BEST Kitten, they were Alexandrite Hendrix, Mentobe Arctic Monkey and Musrafy Anfisa. Well done to the babies!

Some Photos of the day, taken by Andy

Thursday 4 March 2010

Gemini Kittens Videos

Three short videos of Gemini's cute little ones. We think they all look very sweet. I love those little red ears, they have little red stripy tails too!
So in the videos we have the little Blue Lynx Point girl and behind her one of the Red Lynx (Tabby) Point boys. Then on the right we have the Blue Tabby boy. The other Red Lynx (Tabby) boy was fast asleep.

Starts with the little Red Lynx (Tabby) point, then his brother and sister are exploring.

Finally, another one of the little Blue Lynx point girl.