Saturday 30 January 2016

Alexandrite Siberian Kittens 2016

UPDATE: Unfortunately Jo has been poorly since Christmas and after feeling a bit better is now not very well again. We do have kittens and will update the blog soon with photos and availability. And try and get back to everyone. I've in a busy time of year with my work so time is very limited as Jo wrote in her blog post last week. Thanks Andy


FROM JO: A belated New Year to all Siberians and their families. Thank you to everyone who sent us wonderful kitten news and updates it was lovely receiving them and we really do appreciate them. We are sorry we haven't replied to emails lately, I lost my Uncle at the end of the year and he is greatly missed by all who knew him. He was large part of my life as a child and he had a wonderful way of telling stories. After the loss of my grandad in the summer it has hit us all hard to have another funeral to go to at the end of 2015. This made December a difficult time for my health and it's a busy time for Andy with his job. I was then poorly over Christmas and the New Year so I couldn't catch up then.

We've also had to get new home phones as the others were working intermittently.

Kitten News: The good news is we do have kittens and we will be posting updates soon. The kittens will be ready to go in March, dates to be confirmed. We do not know if kittens are suitable for families with allergies and at this time we cannot offer allergy visits. Any kitten visits won't be arranged until the kittens have had their first vaccine at least.

Waiting List: We are being asked do we have a waiting list? At the moment no. We have in the past but we don't now this is because of many reasons. One is we do not think it fair to make families wait months for a kitten. We do not know what we will have, any colours are only estimated based on parents and colours carried. To take a list of names who all want silver tabby boys usually results in a litter of blues or black smoke girls and a number of disappointed families. We would rather wait until the kittens have arrived safely and mum and babies are ok before we update with any news.

There are scare tactics by other breeders that we have something wrong because we don't have a waiting list. That isn't true. It's less stress for us to just enjoy the kittens arriving and seeing what colours we have without needing this colour or boy/girl list of requirements. We are after all dealing with Mother Nature and we get what we get.

Hopefully we will have more news soon but please remember this isn't our full time job, and taking care of the kittens and mums is our first priority so sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. Anyone who knows us will also know I struggle daily with my health so I can't always respond immediately.