Sunday 27 January 2013

Mum to be Marishka & Nog!

I wanted to share this photo of beautiful Marishka and her friend Nog.

Marishka is due to be a first time mum to Paavo in February and we are so excited. Marishka is such a sweetie and very acrobatic. Her nickname is the "Flying Squirrel" due to her jumping onto the top of doors!!
Something which she still likes to do even with babies on board. I nearly have a heart attack when she does. I am hoping the kits might not be as naughty as their dad is a lot more laid back!

However they turn out I am sure they will be as stunning as their parents. Thank you to Maria for letting Marishka join our home and adding some diversity to our breeding programme.

Sorry about the mess I think the sofa had been used as a race track prior to this photo being taken!

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Me & My Mum, Kitten Update!

I couldn't resist these two photos of Jomo and her mum Mojo (Alexandrite Morganna). They were both fast asleep in the kitchen today.

Jomo will be staying here and she is such a character!!!

She takes after her dad Paavo and is a true baby Potster following Andy into the kitchen all the time requesting more food please!!
It's a good job there is only one in the litter we'd have no food left!

Little Nissa went off to her new home on Saturday so we are now waiting for our next litters to arrive. We have Marishka due first in February and then hopefully a repeat of Memphis and Pantera last matings due in March. This will keep us busy for a bit so we have yet to discuss next matings after these.

Just like the snow we have had a flurry of enquiries last week so I am still working through them all. My apologies if I haven't got back to you yet but I do plan to.

The Waiting List for Marishka's kittens is now closed. There maybe kittens available after they are born and details will be posted to the blog.

If you have contacted me and have allergies due to us sharing our home with Fudge, a Birman and, Nog and Pepper, 2 American Curls it is difficult for us to carry out allergy testing.
We do not arrange allergy visits until after the kittens first vaccination at approximately 9 weeks. At this time I will know which kittens are available. If you have visited another breeder to test allergies you will still need to visit us to check everything is ok before committing to an Alexandrite Siberian.

Please email for more information or to join the waiting list.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Alexandrite Nissa - Available Kitten

Due to a change in circumstances we have available Alexandrite Nissa. Which means friendly elf. She is a Brown Torbie and White. Nissa is a little bit shy so might be more suitable in a home without very young children. Like all our kits I am sure she will be very loving once she gets to know you. She loves playing with feather sticks.

Nissa is ready to go to her new home now and is the last of our kittens of 2012. Please email for more details. Nissa is available for £450 and has had her 3-1 vaccine. She isn't spayed as our vet won't perform early neutering.