Thursday 23 December 2010

Triple Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro

Andy took a couple of short videos of Akiro the other weekend doing his favourite thing playing!!

Akiro has such a sweet nature and doesn't seem to have grown up at all. He is now 18 months old and just as playful as when he was a kitten and still hasn't learnt to do as he is told :-) He likes to squeak at us alot and the noise for a boy of his size is very silly.
Akiro also loves collecting things including sweetie wrappers, anything plastic, sponges, milk tops, just about anything!! We call him our magpie.

He looks so like his mum Gemini now and he is still his mummy's baby boy. She always greets him with a head butt, it is very sweet to see.

I have also uploaded them to our Flickr Album: Videos - Our Cats

Sunday 19 December 2010

Galina's Kitten Videos

The time has flown since I went away for the week on my course but Andy did take some videos last weekend of the Galina's little ones and I have uploaded them to the Flickr Album Galina's Kitten Videos

We still have gorgeous kittens available so please contact us for details usual email address

Sunday 5 December 2010

Available Kittens - Galina's Babies

Andy took photos yesterday of Galina's and Phoenix gorgeous babies, they are 8 weeks old now and into everything, really loving exploring outside their kitten room. They are getting into all sorts of mischief now!!

This is the first time we have done this mating and we are really excited with how lovely the kittens are. Galina is the mum of our handsome boy TICA Regional Winner Champion Alexandrite Hendrix, who was BEST Siberian Kitten Western Europe Season 2009-10. There dad is also very handsome and is a TICA Champion too.

We are still assessing 3 of Galina's girls so for now we have available Alexandrite King Arthur, a Brown Classic Tabby and White Boy and Alexandrite Catrina, a Brown Tabby and White Girl. Two of the kittens have already been adopted.

To see more of their photos go to our photo album Available Kittens

Alexandrite King Arthur, this boy is stunning and could go as show

Alexandrite Catrina, very sweet girl and was the first to explore outside the kitten room!

I am going away today to Amsterdam on a geeky IT course and won't be back until late Thursday evening, Andy will be here looking after the family and babies. I will have limited access to email so if you are interested in one of these beautiful babies then it would be best to call Andy in an evening, 01270 569358.