Sunday 29 November 2009

Update & Kittens Available

Well it has been a horrible couple of weeks for me I am recovering from what seems to have now been Swine Flu and a Sinus infection. After going to the Elsecar show on the Saturday where I felt absolutely rotten, and shouldn't have gone, I have spent the last two weeks in the house feeling really poorly and I am still recovering. So my apologies if you have emailed me with news of our kitties in their new homes, I did appreciate the emails and I will reply, still trying to catch up with everything!

We had planned to go to the Supreme with Grumpy and Phoenix on exhibition but that was a no go :-( Poor Grumpy looks so handsome too and not forgetting handsome little man Phoenix, maybe next time...

We do still have kittens available, who are able to go to their new homes for Christmas. Once these kittens are gone we will be having a little break, so if you would like one of our beautiful Alexandrite Siberians please email me for details of who we have available.

Sunday 8 November 2009

Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka

A short video of Phoenix taken the other day and he looks so very handsome. The video isn't great quality and it really doesn't show off his rich Golden colour and Green eyes. He is such a sweet boy and passes on this wonderful temperament to all his kittens.

We had some kitten visits yesterday and everyone thought what a gorgeous boy he was and a chunk! I think you can see from the video why the ladies here love him!

Thursday 5 November 2009

Anyanka's Kittens

Some videos of Anyanka and Mishka's beautiful babies @ 5 weeks.

First up we have 2 beautiful girls, Brown Tabby and White and Silver Classic Tabby and White, very sweet little girls, with perfect front white feet.

Next we have Anyanka's little Silver tabby boy and his sister. The little fellow is so very fluffy!

And one Black Smoke and White boy, how cute! Spot the white tip on the tail again! We love tails with white tips here.

Finally the little Silver and white girl again, playing with her toy mouse!
(Anyanka likes to lie on the mats!)

Monday 2 November 2009

Clash of the Red Silver Titans!

Andy took this video tonight of Alexandrite Jackson, Red/Cream Silver Shaded and Alexandrite Georgii, who now has developed a classic pattern is Red Silver Classic, fighting in the kitten room. Georgii is the slightly darker boy but in the flesh neither of the boys are this red, the camera makes them looker redder than they really are.

It is a great bit of play fighting and could be taken straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster! Georgii thinks he has won by pinning Jackson down and then Jackson runs around the room all arched back as if to say "That didn't hurt! I was letting you win!"

Jackson is still looking for his forever home, so if you think you can tame this little Titan please contact me

Another one of Jackson...look at those moves it takes some practice to be this out for Leora happily playing while Jackson flies in and then Kyle coming in for rugby tackle!

One of Georgii and his little sister Cookie, who really didn't want a big bear hug off her brother! I think you also see Kyle fall of the cat tree too! I am sure he meant to do that...

Sunday 1 November 2009

What a week! Show News & Kittens Video

Well it has been quite a stressful week for us this week. It all started with a rather unpleasant email on the Monday, my Dad was rushed into hospital on the Wednesday, but thankfully he is home now and on the mend. On the Thursday morning I ended up with a rather nasty visual migraine, which I get when stressed and they affect me for a couple of days afterwards. Friday at work was quite a challenge and seemed to last an eternity. So as a result of such a difficult week I am running behind on emails, so please bear with me if you have sent me an email and I haven't replied, I will get to them.

We had paid for the Cattica Newbury TICA show on the Saturday but this was in doubt as I was worrying about my Dad and didn't feel very well at all, and we hadn't even got ready for the show. So Andy got everything ready for the show, he gave Paavo a quick shower and I helped dry him. So on the Friday night I set the alarm for just before 5am and we had decided if I didn't feel well in the morning then we wouldn't go. After a rather bad night we did get up and go off to the show, but after the week we had had I really wasn't expecting it to go well.

We arrived a bit late, and got everything setup, we had taken Paavo the gentle giant and little Akiro at just 4 months he was going to be one of the babies of the show, and he was going along for a chance to see how he coped with it. There were 2 other Siberian male
s, 1 Siberian male alter and 3 other Siberian kittens at the show, so a good turn out.

After both boys got a couple of second Best of Breeds, the weekend seemed to be going how I predicted but then it improved with Paavo gaining an Allbreed final, in which Maria's new boy from Siberia achieved a fabulous Best Cat. Paavo received an 8th Best Cat. Then baby Akiro got Best of Breed and a final where he achieved 2nd Best Longhair Kitten from Monika Dany, and some lovely comments. Way to go Little Akiro! Something exciting to tell his mum Gemini about when he got home. Then Monika went on to give Paavo Best of Breed and a Best Longhair Cat award! Top Man Paavo!

Overall the day turned out well, with the final results being:

IW SGC Cooncreole Paavo
  • Best Longhair Cat - Judge: Monika Dany
  • 6th Best Allbreed Cat - Judge: Jeff Roberts
  • 8th Best Allbreed Cat - Judge: Rob Seliskar
  • 8th Best Allbreed Cat - Judge: Genevieve Basquine
  • 3 Best of Breeds
  • 3 Second Best of Breeds
Alexandrite Akiro
  • 2nd Best Longhair Kitten - Judge: Monika Dany
  • 1 Best of Breed
  • 5 Second Best of Breeds
We are so very proud of the boys and they both behaved like gentlemen.

While we were at the show we got some a couple more Catrix Cat trees, which our little family think are fabulous. They definitely get loads of fun out of them. Andy took the videos today of Galina and Ariana's little ones having fun!