Sunday 22 December 2013

Alexandrite Kitten in Amanda Holden's New Book!!

A few weeks ago on a shopping trip with my mum we spotted Amanda Holden's new book and we were curious to check out the photos. Well it was a lovely surprise to see a photo of Alexandrite Angelus Mishka and Astera Pantera's baby girl Muffy with Amanda's cute daughter Lexi.

Amanda, her husband Chris and daughter Lexi came to our home to collect Muffy. They were all lovely and once Lexi saw her kitten, she cuddled her just like in the photo and wouldn't let her go. So to see her still cuddling her like that very first day (3 years ago) just made us both fill with pride.

A big Thank You to Amanda for adding the photo to the book it reminded us at a time when I in particular felt low about breeding that it is all worth it and the lovely emails and photos we get from all Alexandrite families is why we carry on.

This was also one of our success stories for allergy sufferers as Amanda's husband Chris suffers with cat allergies but he's fine with Muffy.

And thanks to my mum for treating me to Amanda's book.

Monday 9 December 2013

Alexandrite Azazeal Mishka

Alexandrite Azazeal Mishka is a handsome Black Smoke Siberian and is named after his dad Mishka and his uncle Azazeal aka Grumpy. This handsome chap is only a year old and is a chunk of a boy. We all call him Little Grumps in loving memory of his uncle and because he is so like him. We kept both him and his sister Anuta's Ekho, who like her brother is a big girl and just as sweet. I don't think anyone would have believed that awkward long legged kitten would be such a striking boy now but we knew he would be. With a dad like Mishka and uncle Grumpy how else could he turn out!

Saturday 30 November 2013

Reserved - Alexandrite Tabitha

We have available Tabitha, who is a Silver Shaded and White Siberian, sorry photos don't show her colour off that well. She is a year old and a sweet girl, if at first a little shy. We aren't sure if Tabitha is suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers and we don't think it would be fair to her to go to a new home to then have to come back here. If it is a slight allergy she might be ok as her daughter has gone to live with Kirsty who suffered with asthma and allergy but if its really bad it probably won't work out. Tabitha might also like a quieter home but she does like to play with feather sticks when the boys let her!

Tabitha will be spayed next week ready to go to her new home soon after. Tabitha is available for £225 and will be up-to date with booster, flea and worm treatment. Please email if you would like to arrange to meet Tabitha.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Little Minxi, we all miss you xxx

It's been a very sad couple of days. Yesterday poor Little Minxi went to heaven. Minxi would have been 16 next month and for a little chihuahua she had such a spirit for life.

Minxi was loved by us all and was spoilt by my mum and dad. We remember those funny little ears that didn't stand up and then one did. The first time you climbed the stairs and couldn't get down so you squeaked for someone to get you. How you would eat the bread for the birds and dig for grubs. Wash everyone and pinch cake when you knew no one was looking. You were such a fabulous character and you've left us all with great memories.

My heart goes out to my mum and dad, who had to make a brave decision to let her go. We all miss you so much Minxi. You are no longer with us but always in our hearts, go find Kahlan, Grumps, Little Gem and Dizzee. They will look after you and play with you. Love you always xxxx

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Reserved - Alexandrite Rylen & Alexandrite Rico

We have available 2 handsome brothers Alexandrite Rylen and Alexandrite Rico. Both are Black Silver Classic Tabby and White although Rylen now looks more shaded like his mum Tabitha. They are 6 months old and have been neutered. They are a little bit quiet and on meeting new people can at first appear timid. We are sure after a bit of time both boys will settle and have a lot to offer the right home.

We aren't sure if the boys are suitable for an allergy or asthma sufferer. Their brother did go to a home but had to return due to causing a reaction.

The boys are available for £375 each or £700 for them both to go together. They are both living together now and are vaccinated and neutered. Please email if you want to arrange to meet the boys.

Monday 11 November 2013

Reserved - Alexandrite Grace

We have available beautiful Alexandrite Grace. Grace is a very pretty Blue Tabby and will be available to her new home end of November. Little Grace is a onsie so she believes the world is only made up of her and her mum. With this in mind we feel that she would be happy being an only cat. She enjoys playing with feather sticks and mums tail!

You might recognise her gorgeous look as she is the younger sister of the most titled UK bred Siberian, International Winner and Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro. Akiro was bred by us in 2009 and was also Best Siberian Alter in the world 2011-12 and Best Alter in Region Europe West 2012-13. We did plan to keep Gracie but we thought a house with less furry personalities might be better for her. Please email for details and we really only want genuine enquiries.

Friday 25 October 2013

Kitten Update & Availability

All of Anuta's cute babies have now been reserved. I will be updating the blog over the weekend with photos of any kittens we have available.

We also have kittens due the end of November. We are expecting Brown Tabbies with and without white. These could be the last Alexandrite Siberians. We are contemplating at the moment if it is time for a quieter life. We will know for definite in the next week or two. If they are our last kittens we will have a number of beautiful retired Siberians looking for homes. Please email and write Kitten or Retired in the subject line so that it is easier for us to contact you.

Monday 7 October 2013

What's Wrong With Boys?!

Recently we have had a lot of enquiries for girls. Currently we don't have any girls available. This year we have had lots of boys. We do put requests in with the girls but clearly they aren't listening.

I'm not really sure why everyone wants girls and not boys. We love them both, well we do breed them. Some enquiries are asking for girls because they think they are more loving than boys. Not sure where that comes from but that definitely isn't our experience of the breed.

The actual standard is written with boys in mind and they really are fluffy big teddy bears when they mature. Yes we have in the past had above average size girls but generally the boys do turn out bigger than the girls.

What I don't really understand is one of the reasons we picked Sibs was because we loved that big boy size because that's one of the main features of the breed. Yes both girls and boys alike have very loveable temperaments but if you love the look of a big powerful cat then you should pick a Siberian boy.

I have included in the post photos from the families of two loveable boys Maxie and Lennox. Maxie at 10 months still thinks he can fit in his tiny crows nest on his cat tree. While Lennox is on his mums knee which is one of his favourite pastimes, the other is cuddles. Sarah has contacted us again about another kitten as this is what she said about Lennox "You produce such gorgeous, lovable, warming, friendly cats - lennox is just adorable and there is never a dull moment!"

So if you think you would like to share your home with a teddy bear like Maxie or Lennox please email

I will be posting this week about how well the Regional Show went and what an amazing experience it was. Everything is a bit delayed at the moment due to a run of bad health for me and I apologise if you have emailed and I haven't replied yet. Hopefully the next week or two will be better for me. Please don't think I'm looking for the sympathy vote I'm just explaining my delays in replying.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Siberian Kitten Availability

Update 19th January 2014, all Anuta's kittens have now gone to have fun in their new homes.

We have 3 kittens available in Anuta's litter, 2 boys and 1 girl individual photos below.

The photos were taken this week and all kittens are doing well. They are very funny with their antics and are starting to explore outside the kitten room. Stairs are still a bit of challenge but they will soon be running up and down them.

Anuta's kittens will be able to go to their new homes at the end of October but this will be confirmed once they have been for their first vaccine.

We do still have available 2 of Tabitha's boys Rico and Rylen and they are ready to go to their new homes now. The boys aren't suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Please email for more details.

Reserved - Black Silver & White Boy

Reserved - Black Silver & White Girl

Reserved - Blue Silver & White Boy

Thursday 12 September 2013

What's Happening in USA Could Happen Here!!

We belong to the TICA Siberian Group and through this we have over the last few months received emails about what is happening in America and it really scares us if this came here. 

This is a blog post which was sent to us recently and you only need to substitute dog for cat. The article discusses the new Rules which have just been approved. 

The rules/legislation (sorry I'm not sure of the full terms) being brought in by APHIS are very frightening. And the policies will affect ALL animals. 

From this article and others we get the impression that the Animal Activists don't want anyone to have pets. If they get there way, we don't think they have thought about what will happen to all the pets. They just don't want you to have any! 

We are just one family who would find our home very empty without Fudge, Nog, Pepper and our extended Siberian family. Yes they take a lot of devotion, time and money but we wouldn't be without them. I do have health issues (no not looking for the sympathy vote, it's a fact I have various illnesses) and without the love of Fudge, Nog, Pepper and the Sibs there are many days I wouldn't get through. They make me laugh when I cry, when the days of endless pain feel never ending they do something silly which makes me laugh. And after completing the Pain Management Programme this year laughing does help :)

Last month Andy, my mum and I supported the Birman Rescue Fun Day. Which we thoroughly enjoyed and a mammoth £2028 was made! The reason I mention it here is because at the Fun Day was a young boy who didn't communicate with his family until one day they adopted a Birman and he started talking to her. Now he is very different young boy. It's such a lovely story and one that hopefully will be repeated in years to come. 

If rules and legislation like the ones in America get out of control and they are brought in over here there are a lot of people and families out there who could lose a beloved member of their family. 

Breeders will be forced to stop breeding or will be faced with having to stop rearing kittens inside their homes to abide by the new rules. If there are no pets, we don't need all the support services that go with them, no vets, no groomers, no pet food, no toys. This won't just affect breeders it will affect the global economy and families who have jobs in the pet industry. It really is all very frightening and not a future to look forward to...

Monday 2 September 2013

Kitten Update & Availability

Just a short note about where we are with our Siberian kittens and I wanted to post a few more photos of Anuta's cute bunch while I wait for Andy to take their next ones. Anuta and babies are doing really well and growing so fast!

Andy has collected some of Anuta's fur for me to post out to a couple of families who were interested in one of her kittens. I will hopefully send it out this week.

Anuta's babies will be ready to go to new homes end of October, please email for more information.

It looks like we have now found homes for 2 of Tabitha's kittens so we only have available Rico and Rayden. Both are lovely boys. Rayden is a unique colour with a sweet nature and Rico has a cheeky streak. The boys are available to go to their forever homes now, please email for details. As I posted previously the boys aren't suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers.

We are now waiting for our next Siberian babies to arrive and I will update the blog with news when we have any. We are expecting Silver and Brown Tabbies, maybe Blue Tabbies and Black Smokes all with and without white. So with home improvements underway, work and the kits the next couple of months will fly by!

Sunday 25 August 2013

Available Kittens & Allergies

Kitten Update:-

Just over a month ago the whole world was excited by the arrival of a new Royal Baby. Well our Little Queen Anuta Ekho was not being outshone by a Royal Baby and had 5 of her own princes and princess!

We have 3 princes and 2 princesses, all kittens appear to be Black Silver Classics with White, possibly one Blue Silver and White. One of the kittens is like a little polar bear and really stands out.

The kittens are just starting on solid food and enjoying escaping from the kitten box. The photos were taken at 3 1/2 weeks old, they will be 5 weeks on Monday.

Anuta is the granddaughter of Musrafy Anuta, hence Anuta Ekho and she is just as good a mum. She has really taken to it and it has given her a new confidence.

We are taking enquiries now for Anuta's kittens who will be able to go to their new homes at the end of October, please email for details.

Kittens Available:-

We do still have 4 boys available from Tabitha's litter. They are all Black Silver Classics and White. They are called Rayden, Rylen, Rico and Raffi. They are lovely boys but not suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers. Please email for details. The boys are ready to go to their new homes now and as they are a bit older we have amended the cost.

At the moment we have had Ruslan aka Peri back here after allergy issues. He has now joined Fudge, Nog & Co and is having a whale of a time! But once I have found homes for his brothers Peri might become available.


Since having our first litter in 2006 we have never pushed Siberians as hypoallergenic. We have been happy to successfully home kittens with families where there have been allergy/asthma sufferers. One of those was to the celebrity Amanda Holden, whose husband was allergic to any other type of cat.

But we have also unfortunately had over the years 4 kittens returned. In 3 cases two allergy sittings were carried out without any issues. But living with a cat is very different to spending a couple of hours at a breeders home. After a week or two the kittens were returned. This is very stressful for all parties and its very confusing and upsetting for the kitten.

We do not know scientifically why some litters are suitable and others aren't. Please don't ask us if our kittens are true pedigree Siberian kittens. All of Tabitha's kittens are but they are still causing a reaction. None of our girls free roam and both Nog and Fudge are neutered so no accidents!

As for allergy visits it is still difficult for us to do. We try our best but with Fudge a Birman and 2 American Curls Nog and Pepper. You still might have a reaction here and it not be the Siberians.

Every cat is different just like we are so what might be ok for one might not be for another.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Show Success! IW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro & Alexandrite Kingslayer!

Andy and I were at the TICA Brigg Show at the weekend with Akiro and Jamie and they both made us very proud.

The boys enjoyed it and were very laid back. The middle photo is of Akiro in his pushchair waiting to go home on Sunday. He was worn out!

Akiro achieved 8 Finals including a BEST, 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 4th and 5th Allbreed Alter Finals and a 4th and 5th Longhair Final. Way to go Akiro!!

Little Jamie was a star with a 2nd Longhair Final and a 10th Allbreed Final and 5 Best of Breeds!

This is a fantastic result again for him as his grandmother is a certified Siberian straight from Russia mixed with two fantastic pedigrees from his Dad Paavo, International and Regional Winner SGC and Grandfather Buslay, Regional Winner and SGC. Jamie had some wonderful comments about his coat and what a very promising boy he was.

Both boys purred all weekend and Jamie loved showing off to the Judges by climbing up the cat tree!

A Big Thank you again to all the Judges who picked them both.

Monday 12 August 2013

Kittens Available!

We have 3 of Tabitha's handsome boys looking for their forever homes. They are Rylen, Raffi and Rico. All lovely little chaps, well not so little. I think Raffi is growing like a weed!!

All the boys are Black Silver Classic and White. Rylen does look Shaded now though just like his grandfather Mishka. And Rylen is the palest of the boys.

The boys have beautiful sweet temperaments from their mum and dad Raphael. Rico is a mummy's boy but has a mischievous streak. Rylen and Raffi are very playful.

They are ready to start their next adventure now so if you think you can offer them a loving home please email for more details or to arrange a visit. If you do want to visit be prepared as the boys tend to capture the hearts of anyone who meets them!

Monday 22 July 2013

Show Success!!! Alexandrite Kingslayer & IW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro!

Yesterday we went to the Doncaster TICA Show with Jamie and Akiro and the boys made us so very proud.

It was Jamie's first show and he was awesome!! He was so excited with the atmosphere and seeing all the different cat breeds. He is used to Fudge a Birman and Nog and Pepper, American Curls so he is used to strange!

He loved it!! And the Judges loved him!
They commented on his fantastic coat texture and barrel shape, heft and everything round!!

They said his coat texture and build was amazing for such a young Siberian Kitten at only 5 months.

Jamie got 4 Finals in total. His first Final as a kitten with Kurt Vlach was just brilliant as he placed him BEST ALLBREED KITTEN!!

We were blown away. We love him to bits but this just made our day!

I said to Jamie "WOW!! Your first final Little Jamster and it's a BEST Kitten you can't get better than that!"

I love the way he chatted to Kurt and thanked him for his BEST FINAL!

He then got a 2nd Longhair, 4th Allbreed and 10th Allbreed. We are all so proud of him. Big thank you to the Judges who picked him and their fantastic comments.

I have a couple of videos which I hope to post in the week as they show what a great time Jamie had and his wonderful character.

Akiro also made us very proud with a BEST LONGHAIR ALTER Final from Sue Hart-Jones and 4th Allbreed Alter Final. Thanks go again to the Judges. I think the photo shows how warm he felt! But he was still a star!

Well done to our boys!!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Kitten Available - Alexandrite Rylen

We have available handsome Alexandrite Rylen. Rylen is a beautiful Black Silver Classic and White with a little hint of gold behind his ears.

He is a sweet boy who loves playing with the feather stick. He reminds us of a young Mishka with his pale colouring.

Rylen will be ready to go to his new home beginning of August after his second vaccination.

Please email for more details or to arrange a visit.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

It's Official!!! Our First Alexandrite Siberian International Winner!!

We had the most exciting post today! The one we've been waiting for that seemed an age in arriving!

Alexandrite Akiro received the official news of his International Win!!

He is only one of four Siberians here in the UK!
And only one of 2 bred here in the UK!

He is the FIRST Siberian Alter to achieve an International Win and FIRST Siberian Alter bred in the UK to receive the Award International Winner!!

We are so proud of what he has achieved last year TICA BEST SIBERIAN ALTER and Regional Winner.

This year an INTERNATIONAL WINNER, 14th BEST ALTER in the WORLD and BEST ALLBREED ALTER in the Region!!!

Such an amazing accomplishment for such a handsome and laid back boy.

We are so proud of Akiro and after what at times has been a tough 12 months we really still can't believe it. It really is truly amazing!

We want to thank all the judges who picked him and our family and friends who supported us.

We now have our second International Winner in the household after International Winner Supreme Grand Champion Cooncreole Paavo achieved his in 2008/2009.

So Akiro's new title is....


Friday 12 July 2013

Beautiful Kittens Available

We have beautiful Siberian Kittens available from Tabitha and Raphael litter. They have been for their first vaccination and will be available from the beginning of August. They are all very pretty and sweet characters.

Please email for availability and more details.

Sunday 23 June 2013

It's Official!! Alexandrite Akiro EW BEST ALTER of the Year!!!

We also received this great news our amazing super laid back handsome Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro not only got Best of Breed Siberian but he was BEST ALLBREED ALTER in the region!!!

We still can't believe it!

We want to thank all the judges who picked him and made it possible.

What's funny is Andy and I didn't even know he was leading as BEST ALTER in the Region until we arrived at one of the shows last November. Akiro then stayed BEST ALTER during the rest of the season and with only 21 days of showing. He didn't go to every show due to my health not being that good during the year. This also meant we couldn't visit any European Shows. So it really is an amazing accomplishment.

He is the first UK bred Siberian to achieve BEST ALTER in the Region.
Well done Akiro you make us all very proud xx

It's Official!!! Alexandrite Akiro EW 2013 Best Siberian Alter!

We received this super news last week of Akiro's Best of Breed Award.
Yay! Well done Akiro!!