Monday 2 September 2013

Kitten Update & Availability

Just a short note about where we are with our Siberian kittens and I wanted to post a few more photos of Anuta's cute bunch while I wait for Andy to take their next ones. Anuta and babies are doing really well and growing so fast!

Andy has collected some of Anuta's fur for me to post out to a couple of families who were interested in one of her kittens. I will hopefully send it out this week.

Anuta's babies will be ready to go to new homes end of October, please email for more information.

It looks like we have now found homes for 2 of Tabitha's kittens so we only have available Rico and Rayden. Both are lovely boys. Rayden is a unique colour with a sweet nature and Rico has a cheeky streak. The boys are available to go to their forever homes now, please email for details. As I posted previously the boys aren't suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers.

We are now waiting for our next Siberian babies to arrive and I will update the blog with news when we have any. We are expecting Silver and Brown Tabbies, maybe Blue Tabbies and Black Smokes all with and without white. So with home improvements underway, work and the kits the next couple of months will fly by!

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