Sunday 28 February 2010

Pantera's Kittens

A couple of short videos of beautiful Pantera and her babies, who are all very cute. The dad is of course our own very handsome TICA QGC Alexandrite Angelus Mishka.

Gemini Kittens Update

Gemini's kittens are doing great and all very fat little sausages. We are now able to confirm the Lynx point boys are Red, which is a first for us. I was able to see today that they have little flame red ears and a hint of red to their tails, which is so cute.

I also think the little girl is a blue point but I will know for sure in the next couple of weeks. This is all very exciting for us and Andy now refers to Gemini's litters as the pic-n-mix litters due to the variety!

We will have updated video's soon...

Monday 22 February 2010

Gemini Kittens more videos

Some more videos of Gemini and Phoenix babies taken last night. In the first video Gemini is feeding the little ones. The two white bigger kittens are the lynx point boys (at the moment we think they could be blue points), the darker kitten is the blue tabby boy and the darker lynx point is the little girl (who we think is a seal, could be tortie). She is at the back on the third video, you can just make out her darker ears. We cannot tell yet if the lynx point kittens are with white or not.

The strange nose on the third video is Gemini eating her supper of chicken! She seems to make this very funny noise when the kittens arrive!

The lighting isn't brilliant because the kittens have only just opened their eyes and we don't want to hurt them.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Gemini Kittens

A short video of Gemini's little ones taken the other evening. After a bit of software adapting I have managed to upload it!

Thursday 18 February 2010

Pantera's Kittens are here

Just a quick note to pass on the exciting news of Pantera's kittens being born. Pantera had 6 babies on Monday and she was so brave and a very clever mummy. We are so proud of her.

We have 3 boys and 3 girls. I will confirm colours and patterns later, but I think we have a Blue Classic Boy, a Silver and White Tabby Boy, a possible Black Smoke and White Boy, and 3 Silver and White Tabby Girls (one Classic). The kittens are so very cute and very active. Pantera is a very loving mum and hates to leave the kittening box.

The dad is our handsome Mishka, so with mum's gorgeous looks and dad's handsome features we are expecting some very attractive kittens.

Sorry for the delay in uploading a video of Gemini's kittens we have the small hitch of Andy's new camera is taking video files which are to large for me too upload, so back to the drawing board. We promise to have something sorted ASAP...

Monday 15 February 2010

Fantastic Shows News!

This weekend we went to a CatTICA show in Milton Keynes and decided for once to go both days. Yes we really are mad enough to spend all Valentine's day in a Leisure Centre Hall in Milton Keynes, you have to love those Sibies to do that! To soften the blow Andy bought me a lovely graphite Pandora bracelet and valentine's charm, and a cute teddy bear carrying a rose.

There had been two Judge changes and as with every show you never know how it is going to go. There are some lovely Siberians being shown at TICA so competition is hard within the breed group and then you are competing against all the other breeds for finals. So when we do final we know it is something to be very proud. And did our boys make both Andy and I very proud this weekend. We took the big Teddy Bear Paavo who competes in the Championship Cats, and mischievous Akiro (who to my horror managed to escape from his carry case while we were going down the motorway!!) and little horror Hendrix who are still both kittens. This was Akiro's last show as a kitten and at the next show he will be competing as an Alter which is a bit scary as he is still going through various growing stages! But he is still very cute, well I think so!

So here are the results, first up with have 

IW SGC Cooncreole Paavo
Saturday 13th February 2010
  • Best (1st) Allbreed Cat (count 50) Judge: Kurt Vlach
  • Best (1st) Longhair Cat (count 14) Judge: Tomoko Tanaka
  • 5th Best Allbreed Cat (count 50) Judge: Hisako Yamada
  • 9th Best Allbreed Cat (count 50) Judge: Kay de Vilbiss
  • 4 Best of Breeds
Sunday 14th February 2010
  • Best (1st) Allbreed Cat (count 49) Judge: Tomoko Tanaka
  • Best (1st) Longhair Cat (count 16) Judge: Kurt Vlach
  • 3rd Best Allbreed Cat (count 49) Judge: Hisako Yamada
  • 4th Best Longhair Cat (count 16) Judge: Phillipa Holmes
  • 3 Best of Breeds
Alexandrite Akiro (7 months)
Saturday 13th February 2010
  • Best (1st) Longhair Kitten (count 17) Judge: Tomoko Tanaka
  • 2nd Best Allbreed Kitten (count 31) Judge: Kay de Vilbliss
  • 5th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 31) Judge: Kurt Vlach
  • 7th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 31) Judge: Hisako Yamada
  • 2 Best of Breeds
Sunday 14th February 2010
  • 2nd Best Allbreed Kitten (count 30) Judge: Tomoko Tanaka
  • 2nd Best Longhair Kitten (count 10) Judge: Kurt Vlach
  • 1 Best of Breeds
Alexandrite Hendrix (5 months)
Saturday 13th February 2010
  • Best (1st) Longhair Kitten (count 17) Judge: Phillipa Holmes
  • 4th Best Longhair Kitten (count 17) Judge: Tomoko Tanaka
  • 5th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 31) Judge: Bobbie Tullo
  • 2 Best of Breeds
Sunday 14th February 2010
  • Best (1st) Longhair Kitten (count 10) Judge: Phillipa Holmes
  • 5th Best Longhair Kitten (count 10) Judge: Kurt Vlach 
  • 7th Best Allbreed Kitten (count 30) Judge: Bobbie Tullo
  • 2 Best of Breeds
So as you can see an absolutely brilliant weekend for all 3 boys. We had some lovely comments about the boys and all the Judges said what a fantastic class of Siberian Cats and Kittens there were at the show. Hendrix was very entertaining with his scamping about in the show ring and he really enjoyed knocking his cards off his pen. Akiro was a lot more relaxed at the show and his face was so funny when the judges were waving the feather sticks around to get his attention.

We also got to see little Argentia at the show, who all though she didn't final this time. She looked so very pretty and seemed quite confident in the show ring. So it was lovely to see her and Maisie. Maisie made sure Argentia had a full face and body wash while at the show which was very sweet to see them so settled together. Thank you to Erica and Darren for taking her to the show for us to see her again.

After such an amazing and exciting weekend and the travelling to the show both days. We didn't stay in the show hotel because of Gemini with her kittens and Pantera is due this week so both Andy and I, and not forgetting the boys are today enjoying a well earned rest...

Wednesday 10 February 2010

The Kittens are here!

Great News, this morning at around 6:30pm Gemini gave birth to 4 beautiful little babies. After being very stressed and not sleeping since Sunday night, both Andy and I are very relieved to finally have the babies here. Gemini was due on Sunday but in true drama queen style, she kept us waiting! So to be on the safe side Andy took her along to the vets for a scan yesterday and everything was okay and we were told to take her home and all being well she would have them during them the night.

We have one Blue Tabby boy, two Lynx (Colour) Point boys and our first Lynx (Colour) Point girl. We will have to wait a little bit before we know what colours the Lynx Points are, at the moment they are little snow white balls of fluff. So well done to Gemini for being so brave. We are very excited to see how the little ones grow over the next few weeks, we are sure the boys will be just as handsome as Phoenix and the little girl will be just as beautiful as her mum Gemini.