Monday 22 February 2010

Gemini Kittens more videos

Some more videos of Gemini and Phoenix babies taken last night. In the first video Gemini is feeding the little ones. The two white bigger kittens are the lynx point boys (at the moment we think they could be blue points), the darker kitten is the blue tabby boy and the darker lynx point is the little girl (who we think is a seal, could be tortie). She is at the back on the third video, you can just make out her darker ears. We cannot tell yet if the lynx point kittens are with white or not.

The strange nose on the third video is Gemini eating her supper of chicken! She seems to make this very funny noise when the kittens arrive!

The lighting isn't brilliant because the kittens have only just opened their eyes and we don't want to hurt them.


  1. Gorgeous chunky babies, very cute!!

    D xx

  2. Super cute :-) Can't wait to see pics of the flame point boys as they grow!